Steamed Fish with Fermented Black Beans and Chilli

This was my lunch today, I finished off the whole fish by myself, without rice though.... This is something that my friends find it strange about me, I can never finish a full plate of rice or noodle, but I can stuffed myself with lots of other dishes. I'm not really into low-carb diet, just that I'm not really crazy about rice... I have a pack of 5kg rice at home that I bought since last year, and until now, I've only managed to finish half of it!

Anyway, The fish was steamed with a mixture of fermented black beans (豆豉), chop chilli, garlic and ginger, and it was seasoned with shaoxing wine and light soy sauce. Before serving, it was sprinkled with some chopped spring onion and coriander.


JL said…
you know how interviews with people like chefs in the media always have the question "what would your last meal be?" My last meal would definitely include steamed fish!
your steamed fish definitely very appetising. I am sure no one will have problem polishing it up at one go.
shaz said…
hi there! Great work on your blog. I added your blog as a link on mine. Hope you dun mind. shaz, a fellow foodie blogger.
Mae said…
Like you, i can finish a whole fish like this all by myself in which always the case will be. My Fiance doesn't eat fish so luckily [for selfish - ok no pun inteded!] i get to have it all!

Yum. yum. The fish doesn't look very happy though :)
Anonymous said…
don't worry, i'm just like you; not much of a rice person but no problems with polishing off the dishes!