Cupcakes with Mango Cream Frosting

I baked some cupcakes today, using heavy cream with mango puree as frosting.


wow these looks delish. pass a piece over please. said…
hello, I am new to your site.
I have accidentally come across your blog which is very interesting. I love baking too.
We may sometimes share recipes if you want.
BoringGuy said…
Hello, juz chanced upon ur site.
The food looks interesting, the chicken, pork belly n the choc chip n almond biscotti :D
Im gonna copy them down! thou im not sure if i will ever embark to make them :P

but i find the pictures even more amazing hahahahaa...
did u take the pics urself?
they all look so pro with all the nice utensils n flowers :)

Piggy said…
Hi Edith,

Heehee.. thanks!

Hi Luke,

Great to know another baking addict like me! it's a good idea to share recipes, you're welcome to write to me any time. :-)

Hi boringguy (i'm sure you're not that boring.. :-P),

Thanks for dropping by and the nice compliments!

I took all the photos myself. Other than cooking, I love photography as well. :-)
Kristen said…
Those are fantastic looking cupcakes. Love your blog!