Feasting in Bangkok

I was in Bangkok for a 4-day training last week. Other than the seemingly endless hours spent in the training room located in my company's office, I spent most of my time doing my favourite "work-out" --> eating!

On the first day of arrival in Bangkok, I went to Siam Center area with one of my training mates. It was dinner time and we were looking around for Thai food. We finally found a restaurant that looks promising, but the moment I stepped in, I had a bad feeling that I was not going to get the authentic Thai food that I was looking for. The whole restaurant was full of westerners! But I was too hungry to do another round of restaurant searching, and so I had to settle for this one.

We ordered a set meal for two, and true enough, the food was not that great.

After dinner, we walked around the shopping area. I carried my good old Canon Ixus for the trip and I'm pleasantly surprised that it managed to capture a nice image of Siam Paragon at night.

During the 3rd day of my stay in Bangkok, I met up with my colleague, N who used to get posted in our Singapore office and now she's back in Thailand. We went to a chic hotel managed by Banyan Tree, where we had dinner at Saffron.

I enjoyed myself tremendously at Saffron. The restaurant is located at 52nd storey of the hotel and they serve a wonderful array of comtemporary Thai food.

Seafood Pad Thai

Spicy and sour beef soup

Pan-fried cod fish (My favourite of the night! The cod fish taste great with crunchy sliced onion and lemongrass)

Prawn curry (Another dish to die for!)

Mango with sticky rice

After dinner, we went to the adjacent bar which is located in an open-air rooftop and we ended the night having a few drinks while enjoying the magnificent view of Bangkok.

On the last day of my training, I went to Khao San Road with my training mate to check out a restaurant which was recommended by N on the night we had dinner.

I saw this funny sign behind the driver's seat of the cab that I took to Khao San Road. Well, I didn't realise that farting is not allowed in the cabs of Bangkok... haha! (Wink, wink)

Mayompuri at Khao San Road is a restaurant cum bar place that serve a combination of western and Thai food. The whole place reminds me of Chijmes in Singapore.

We stuffed ourselves with a few Thai dishes.

Deep fried cat fish with sweet and sour sauce

Seafood tomyum soup

Deep fried garoupa

Grilled squid

As I stayed in Emporium Suites which has an adjoining shopping mall, I was there almost every night, oogling at the great variety of sweet treats at the Food Mall.

Iberry is an ice-cream stall that I simply can't resist. The bright yellow signboard was calling out to me everytime I walked past...

I tried out their tamarind and rambutan sorbet and it tasted great.

The Food Mall has a few interesting stalls selling french pastry. To satisfy my sweet tooth, I tried out Visage and LenĂ´tre.... Yummy!

Cake from Visage

Cake from LenĂ´tre

While waiting for my flight back to Singapore at Suvarnabhumi Airport, I felt compelled to eat again. I chanced upon a cafe, Cream & Fudge that serves sandwiches and ice-cream.

They have an interesting way of serving ice-cream. The staff folds scoops of ice-cream with customer's choice of toppings to create a marbled ice-cream... Don't understand? Go to their
website, watch the video clip and you'll get what I mean.

I've chosen "What's Up Berry" which has preserved berries, banana, white chocolate, soda cracker and 3 scoops of strawberry flavoured ice-cream. I was sceptical about having soda cracker in my ice-cream at first, but surprisingly, it blends in well with the whole combination. The ice-cream is not overly sweet like some famous brands and it's very smooth and creamy, love it!

A view of the evening sky from the lounge of Suvarnabhumi Airport.


Anonymous said…
great pictures-www.californiariceoil.com
Ning's Mummy said…

The Cream and Fudge thingy is so interesting, will surely try them when i'm in bangkok next month.

And ya, great pic!
Piggy said…
Hi Elle,


Hi Ning's mummy,

Cream & Fudge is worth a try when you're in BKK. Have a nice trip!
^cherie said…
Great photos!

May i know what camera u using??


p.s: I drp by your blog fr time to time to see your updates. Love your bakes and photography skill ;)
Piggy said…
Hi Cherie,

Thanks for your compliment! :-)

I used Canon Ixus for the photos that I took in Bangkok. For food photos, I'd use my Canon EOS 350D.
^cherie said…
Canon Ixus again?? :P

I've been hearing raves on this camera and seeing lotsa good photos produced by it as well. Time to change my camera definitely. No need to do anymore 'research' on which camera to buy.. ;)