Glutinous Rice with Pumpkin

I bought half a pumpkin few days ago, trying to make some mini pumpkin pies with home-made flaky pie crust. At the same time, I knew that I would have leftover, and so I looked around for a recipe that I can use to deplete the remaining pumpkin. In the end, I managed to find a recipe which produced a yummy glutinous rice with pumpkin (picture above), but I have nothing to post for the pumpkin pie instead because the crust is a failure... urgh!

Glutinous Rice with Pumpkin Recipe
(Adapted from YOYOの食色空间)

500g glutinous rice (soak overnight)
3 pcs dried Chinese mushroom (soak until softened, slice)
10 - 15 shallots (peel and slice)
1 pc chicken thigh
200g pumpkin (cut into cubes)
chicken stock

1 tbs Shaoxing wine
1 tbs sesame oil
1/2 tsp cornstarch
Salt & pepper, to taste

1) Marinade the chicken pieces with seasoning at least half an hour before cooking.
2) Fried the sliced shallots until they turn golden brown, set aside.
3) Heat up 2 tablespoons of oil in a wok, add in mushroom and 1/4 tsp of sugar, stir-fry until fragrant.
4) Add in 80% of fried shallots, chicken pieces and glutinous rice, stir-fry until the chicken pieces turn pale (half cooked).
5) Add in chicken stock, make sure that it covers 3/4 of rice mixture, then add in pumpkin pieces.
6) Cover the wok and cook in low heat. Stir the rice mixture occassionally.
7) When the rice is cooked, serve with remaining fried shallots.

**Note: I think this dish tastes better with home-made fried shallots instead of store-bought ones. The latter lacks the crispiness and fragrance that is essential for this dish.


daphne said…
that's interesting! looks great and i do like glutinous rice..i wantttt
Rasa Malaysia said…
I have never bought pumpkins for cooking, don't know how to use them...because I don't know how to bake and no idea how to cook...great that you found a recipe. :)
Edith said…
I love pumpkin but eversince I had a nasty cut I tend to have a probia when cutting them. :(

BTW, I pass you an award.
Clumsy Cook said…
Beautiful dish!

So, does glutinous rice just mean you soak rice over night or is there any other steps to it?

Anonymous said…
It reminds me of Yam Rice but is pumpkin version.
Looks yummy and i love how simple it is!

PS:i've linked u up here
hope you can link me up too!
Piggy said…
Hi Daphne,


Hi Bee,

Before this, I had no idea of how to cook pumpkin as well. This is a great recipe indeed.

Hi Edith,

Yeah, I get what you mean. I had to be very careful when chopping off the skin of the pumpkin too, because it's very hard. There is a risk of chopping our finger off if not done properly.

Hi Clumsy Cook,

Thanks for dropping by my blog!

Glutinous rice is another variation of rice which is sticky when cooked. I think you can get it from Asian ingredient stores. Usually you need to soak it the night before cooking. Let me know if you have other question. :-)

Hi Jojo,

Yes, it's similar to yam rice.

Thanks for the link! :-)
Anonymous said…
This looks so delicious. I am looking forward more posts from you!