Stewed Chicken & Potatoes with Bean Sauce

I've run out of idea on what to write for this post. :-P

Anyway, it is now past midnight, and since I need to wake up early tomorrow and go for a ice-cream making demonstration in the morning, I need to go to bed as soon as possible.

Before I go, here's the recipe of a stewed chicken that I cooked two days ago.

Stewed Chicken & Potatoes with Bean Sauce Recipe
(Adapted from Famous Cuisine magazine, issue no. 40)

1 kampung (or free range) chicken, chopped into pieces
400g potatoes
120g shallots
20g garlic cloves
1 tbs peppercorn (crushed)
500ml water

2 tbs bean paste
1 tbs sugar

1) Pound shallots and garlic cloves until fine. Peel the potatoes and cut into pieces.
2) Heat up 3 tablespoons of oil in the wok, stir-fry shallot and garlic paste until fragrant.
3) Add in chicken pieces, stir-fry briskly until there is a slight change in color, then add in bean paste, sugar, peppercorns, continue to stir-fry until aromatic.
4) Pour in water and bring to boil. Add in potatoes, toss well. Cover and simmer over low heat until the chicken pieces are cooked through or until the gravy is slightly thickened. Dish up, serve.


daphne said…
I made something similar earlier in the week. I think yours look better though. That looks delish.
JOjo said…
Im craving for some homecook here in hostel~ *sobz*

Yours look like what my mum used to cook, minus the spring onion =)
didally said…
Woo.. this is nice. I made something similar when I just moved to my new place, somehow the potatoes took very long to cook. Haha... I might just try your version.

Is bean paste 豆瓣酱?
Piggy said…
Hi Daphne,

Thanks for your kind words. :-)

Hi Jojo,

If you are able to cook in the hostel, you can try out this recipe, it's easy and yummy. :-D

Hi Eugenia,

I think 豆瓣酱 is the spicy version. I'm using 豆酱, it's light brown in color. Do let me know if you have more qtns.
Rasa Malaysia said…
Hey, this sounds like a great idea. I am getting sick of eating big fish big meat big seafood I had during my recent globe-trotting trips, and this sounds simple and homey enough. :)
I just found your blog from TasteSpotting. Your food photos are beautiful!! And the recipes look fairly easy. I'm definitely going to have to try a few! :)

What kind of bean paste do you use for this recipe? My Chinese is pretty bad. I can't read the 2nd character. =( Thanks!
Piggy said…
Hi milk tea + polka dots,

Thanks for visiting my blog!

I found a picture of bean paste in this site, here it is:

Hope it helps!