Starting My Life in a Foreign Land

I've finally arrived in Saudi. :-)

The first thing that hit me when I arrived at the airport was the heat. Even though I knew that this is the hottest period of the year, but I wasn't prepared to step into a place where the temperature is between 42-48 deg C! So other than going out to get some groceries, I choose to stay indoor most of the time.

But staying at home and do nothing is a torture as well. As I'm still waiting for my stuffs to be shipped over, I can only surf internet or watching dramas online at the moment. Oh, this is how my Blogger log-in page looks like right now. ;-)

I certainly hope to receive a portion of my stuffs that were sent out by airfreight within these few days, and by then I would at least have a wok which can used to prepare proper food.

When I was out doing grocery shopping, I noticed that most of the products here are imported from USA and there are hardly any Asian food products available in the supermarkets. Fortunately, I was crazy enough to bring all the necessary ingredients in two big luggages, or else, I'm not sure if I can survive on western food for long term. Other than that, the variety of nuts and Arabic pastries available here are amazing, and I will definitely try all of them out soon! In the mean time, these are the yummy lemon pistachios and spice cashews that I bought from a pastry counter in the supermarket.

I've also bought a pack of Syrian pears and I swear that these are the sweetest pears that I've ever eaten in my life! There are a great variety of stone fruits such as plums and apricots as well, and I'm starting to think of how to incorporate such fruits into my pastry. Let's hope that they're still available by the time I receive my baking utensils. Ahh... I can't wait to start baking again...


Stardust said…
Yo Yo! Glad that you've arrived at Saudi. =) The heat is unimaginable indeed, but I'm sure there must be so many other good things you can share with us ( even the nuts look so tasty ). I can't wait to see your new productions and other sharing on Saudi!!

Take care!
Y said…
How exciting, to be baking in a new environment with a whole new set of ingredients :)
paw paw said…
Oh! U have been air-lifted to Saudi eh.
Sounds exciting!
Looking fwd to exotic food updates here.
Enyjoy yr new enviroment *wink*
daphne said…
oh piggy! Can't wait to see what u r up to.

And take care with the heat!
didally said…
I am looking forward to see your fantastic bakes!
Sunshine Aurura said…
So you're there finally! :>
Enjoy your tai-tai life there and share with us all ur good cooking.

Keep in touch when you're back and take care when you're there.
aaliyah said…
WOW, your on my side of the world now, welcome! I hope you find your stay in Sauid Arabia a pleasent one. I live in Lebanon and must comment about the variety of nuts you will find. My favorite are the lemon almonds and plain salted cashews. I could munch on those ALOT..

I hope you will be able to find your foods there and you should be able to. I know here in Lebanon we have loads of Asian foods.

And during the summer, most Saudi's come to Lebanon to escape the heat. It's much cooler here than there but still, it's hot! My advice...drink lots and lots of water.

If you ever need some help with something while in Saudi, let me know.

My log in page for blogger is the Arabic!

Have fun! Oh, there are white must try them, I never noticed these back home in NY so was surprised the first time I saw them. They are sweeeeet and good. Also you might see these green furry looking things. I hope they still have some there. They are fresh almonds. Here in Lebanon they crack them open and eat the middle depending on what stage they are in. Also, the will see many many dates. The best ones I like..they are from Madinah. Try them and tell me what you think!
tigerfish said…
You moved to Saudi ?
I've moved 3 times in a period of 2 yrs...and each time, waiting for my shipment was a torture!

While I was in Taiwan (moved from the US), I also stayed at home most of the time since it's hot outside + it's quite polluted and traffic is messy for me to walk along the streets. This was the time I started to appreciate Singapore for it's cleanliness and order.

Anyway, guess what? I'm watching TVB drama online (on youtube) now as I surf the nets and read pple's blogs :)

Hope you settle in smooth and safe.
Piggy said…
Hi Julia, Daphane & Didally,

Thanks! :-)

Hi Y,

It's exciting indeed!

Hi Paw Paw,

I'd definitely try to start baking as soon as my stuffs arrive in Saudi. Stay tune!

Hi Aaliyah,

I've not seen white apricots but I'd certainly keep a look out for them. After reading your comment, I did try out lemon almonds and I love it! Thanks so much for your advice!

Dearest E.N.,

Heehee... I will cook more often now that I'm very free. I'll also let you know when I'm back in Singapore, ok? ;-)

Hi Tigerfish,

Thanks for dropping by!

Yeah, I've finally experience the "efficiency" of the forwarder myself. It's been 1.5 weeks since the airfrieght stuff had been sent from Singapore, and I've not receive it yet. It's frustrating indeed. :-S
Rasa Malaysia said…
Good luck in Saudi. And you are running out of ingredients, I am sure your family in Penang would be in rescue. ;)
Anonymous said…
Hi, I stumbled onto your blog and liked your recipes. I returned from dubai just over a month ago and it was tough to get all the right ingredients to make our SEA food. The heat was pretty ok since like you've said, we just have to keep ourselves indoors. Watch out for your complexion, you'd have to do regular facials, you'll know what I mean in awhile - oil clogs=pimples! I found some poorly stocked asian supermarkets that had unknown spices and pretty average quality ingredients. Do get your family and friends to send you things from our ntuc and shengshiong here :)

Good luck.