Piggy's New Look

One week ago, I suddenly had the idea of changing my blog layout. The initial plan was to download a free template online, then design a simple header to match the theme of my blog and that would be all.

But one thing led to another, and I found myself staring at computer screen, working on html codes for more than 12 hours a day (on some days - 16 hours!), changing one feature after another, and before I knew it, one week has passed! For those who are familiar with web designing, I'm sure that having such a blog layout shouldn't take that long. But I have no such knowledge at all, and on top of that, my Photoshop skill has only been limited to adjusting contrast and color. To carry out such a huge change for my blog is really tough, as I have to learn bits and pieces online and try to apply it at the same time. Nevertheless, I managed to complete the template yesterday and I could finally heave a sigh of relief when it was uploaded on my blog without any major hiccups. There are still some minor flaws that I need to iron out, but this is how my blog would look like for now. Hope you like it!

On the other hand, my blog address has been changed to www.piggyscookingjournal.com. For those of you who has linked to my site, thanks for your support so far, and do remember to change your bookmark!


wow this look so good leh. Want to do mine too? I am getting tired with mine and am wondering who is kind enough to do for me. LOLz.
noobcook said…
Hey you did a good job... I love the new look!
Amanda said…
congrats on the new look!
didally said…
I like this new look too! I like that the posts are boxed up individually, very neat.
Stardust said…
Good job! Your site looks so pro and sophisticated now, I think your effort is paid off. =) That makes Piggy not just a good cook, but also a blog design guru too. ;)
daphne said…
dear, I think u did soo well despite what u said! I hv NO clue abt HTML but once when I attempted changing my blog look-it was maddness!!! Had to ask Fiance to come to the rescue.. so I think u r very smart to be able to do this!
Piggy said…
Hi Edith,

I can help to design a header for you lah,but not the whole template though. You might kill me if I screw it up. haha!

Hi Noobcook & Amanda,

Thanks! :-D

Hi Didally,

Now that you mentioned it, I've just realised that it really looks neater with individual boxes. ;-)

Hi Stardust,

Me? Design guru? haha! I'm more of a trial-and-error guru! :-S

Hi Daphne,

You have no idea how many times I have to reload my trial blog when I screwed up the codes. ;-) I can imagine how panic you must be when it did not turn out right for your blog, but you're lucky to have a fiance who can help you!
Y said…
I find html-ing beyond frustrating. Kudos to you for starting from scratch! By the way, I use Opera or Firefox as a browser, and I don't know if you're aware, but your side bar appears on the bottom instead.
Camemberu said…
Oh wow, this is a total change! Bravo for fearless code-diving! It can be challenging but you've done well. But y is right - the side bar comes out at the bottom for me too.

Adding your new URL to my blogroll now.
Wow! 12-16 hours looking at the screen. Really salute u. How i wish i can spend more time like you.

Luv ur new design and layout!
Piggy said…
Hi Y,

thanks for pointing that out! I've been trying to correct it, but I still can't get it right. Agree with you that working on html codes is really frustrating!

Hi Camemberu,

Thanks for the link! You have great pics in your blog. :-)

Hi food for tots,

Thanks for your kind words. :-)
gosh, your new layout is so beautiful :)
Kisha said…
great new look! and nice to see the explorations into middle eastern cuisine too...