Grilled Prawns

It has never occurred to me that I need a barbeque grill at home. Well, who in their right mind would barbeque in a tiny apartment balcony under the hot and humid weather in Singapore?

However, I've been tempted to get one lately. When I go for grocery shopping in megamarts, I can't help but walk over to the section where camping stuffs are and admire the barbeque grills that come in all sizes and shapes (and different colours too!). As the weather is getting cooler at the moment, it would seem like a good idea to grill some food and chill out in our little garden.

While it is definitely not justifiable to get a charcoal grill, since we won't be able to bring it with us when we leave SA, I've been thinking of getting a table top electric grill instead. After spending a few days of doing online research on the brands and functions, and also considering the pros and cons of getting one, I'm still not sure if I should get something that I might not be using often. But I need to satisfy my craving for barbequed food NOW, and I thought of an idea - use some large prawns that I got from the market and grilled them in my oven!

I immediately went to the kitchen and gathered what I have on hand, then I came up with a marinade that was made of chilli, garlic, parsley and olive oil. Since what I really crave for is the action of barbequeing food, I thought that it'll be fun to to thread the prawns onto skewers and made them looked like they've been put on charcoal/ electric grill. This step is not really necessary if you grill the prawns in the oven, only do so if you are a bored housewife like me. ;-)

Grilled Prawns Recipe

500g large prawns
1.5 bulbs garlic, peeled
3 medium size red chillies
3 stalks flat leaf parsley
5-6 tablespoons olive oil
Salt & black pepper, to taste
Bamboo skewers
1 lemon, cut into 4 wedges.

1) Set the oven to "broil" function and preheat to 380 deg F.
2) Clean the prawns - rinse and remove the veins.
3) Thread prawns onto skewers, piercing first through the tail, and then the head.
4) Chop garlic, chillies and parsley until fine.
5) Mix the chopped ingredients with olive oil, salt and black pepper, then spread on the prawns evenly. Marinate for about 30 minutes.
6) Grill the prawns for about 10 minutes, or until cooked.
7) Serve with lemon wedges.


Y said…
What mouthwatering looking prawns. I don't know how they managed to stay on the plate long enough for you to take a photo - in my house, they would've disppeared in seconds!
Those look absolutely delicious.
didally said…
Yummy... I like the ingredients you use for the prawns.
Marti said…
Piggy, I have a question. Whenever I cook prawns or shrimp, they curl. The protein strands tighten right up and they curl up.

But in a sushi restaurant or in a Japanese tempura house, the shrimp is never curly. And I've never seen skewer marks on the tempura.

Do you or anyone else know how to achieve that flat effect? Is it that the skewers were put in and then removed after cooking and I have somehow missed seeing the marks in both cases?
michaela said…
Yum, these look great! Makes me want to head out for Asian food!
hi piggy your grilled prawns look absolutely delicious, i love yr photography too! i hv a tefal table top grill at home but hardly use it. we use the grill on the dining table, and there will be oil splatters all around and make the whole living room so smelly :( now i rely on the my grill pan instead, the one that looks just like a frying pan but is square and with ridges.
Tastes of Home said…
hi piggy! thanks for this recipe, now I know another recipe to use on our indoor grill that we just bought! lovely photos :)
Kevin said…
Those prawns look good!
Hsuan said…
The ingredients are simple and the photo is mouthwatering; I am definitely trying this out. Thanks for sharing!
Rasa Malaysia said…
So good looking. I love prawns and I can eat them every day!
squawmama said…
Hi Piggy, These look so good... I love shrimp and will give it a try... Thanks for the recipe...

R said…
Wow.. suddenly saw a few prawn recipes. Inspired by my prawning? Heeee...

Saw the pics to vege market. Gee.. reali v dry n boring ya?

Congrats on ur turn to choose recipe in TWD. 8 months is a long wait! Wld like to see them in 16 pieces :)

Once I get my own kitchen, u help me shop for my dinnerware ya?? I wanna start cooking & baking too! U are such a huge influence! :)
Snooky doodle said…
this prawns look awesome :) I like to cook on a grill too food is much better
daphne said…
ooo.. i like that photo!! and that prawns look really juicy. Guess u located fresh seafood then? =)
mycookinghut said…
Fantastic recipe!!
Stardust said…
This must be smacking good! SLURP!

I hate my grill at home. Grrr... I have reason to think that you've got a good one. Hehhehe...
Food For Tots said…
Luv your photo! It's gorgeous! Simply and tasty recipe that I will not miss out. Tks!
Anonymous said…
Great pic! Yummo!
Those are gorgeous supermodel prawns! And that they're "grilled" makes them even more delicious! I just love the smell of fire on those shells.
tigerfish said…
You are right. My mini portable grill I brought back with me from California is now collecting dust in S'pore :(
Piggy said…
Y - The prawns were gone right after the picture was taken! ;-)

chocolate shavings - Thanks!

Didally - The ingredients used are simple but they made the prawns very yummy. Try it!

Marti - Sorry, I've not made tempura before and I've no idea how they made the prawns straight.

Michaela - Thanks for dropping by!

Evan - Thanks for the tip! You've confirmed one thing I fear most abt having an electric grill, ie, oil splatter all over the place! ;-)

Taste of Home - oh, you have an indoor grill, how nice! Give the recipe a try then!

Kevin - Thanks!

Hsuan - Give the recipe a try, and let me know if you like it or not!

Bee Yinn - hee... I can eat prawns everyday too!!

squawmama - Now I found another prawns lover like me. ;-)

R - The journey to the vege market is rather boring, only got lots of sands! You know I love shopping, I'll definitely shop for kitchenwares with you when you have your own place. :-D

Snooky doodle - yes yes, the food tastes much better when it's grilled, isn't it? ;-)

Daphne - Yeah, I found a market which sell lots of fresh produce, it's quite far from where we stay but we still go there for grocery shopping every week!

mycookinghut - Thanks! :-)

Stardust - Nah, I do not have a grill at home, I used oven to grill. :-P

Food for tots - Thanks for your compliments. :-)

biz319 - Thanks for dropping by!

Shari - Thanks!

Eatingclub - I love the smell of smoke on the prawns too. :-)

Tigerfish - heehee... after reading evan's and your comment, I'm now quite sure that I won't get an electric grill. ;-)
you wanna mine? Can pick it up this Dec.