TWD: Flaky Apple Turnovers

Julie of Someone's in the Kitchen has chosen flaky apple turnovers for TWD this week. Well, it's a great choice, if you ask me, as I love any kind of pastries which has apples in them!

I made half a batch of the recipe and got 6 pieces of the turnovers. The dough was much softer than any tart/ pie dough that I've baked before, but it was still managable. The filling was extremely easy to prepare too, just mix chopped apples with sugar, flour and cinnamon and it's ready to be used. I love simple recipe like this!

Head over to Julie's blog if you want to try baking these yummy apple turnovers!


vibi said…
Bright and simple... how could anyone go wrong. A classic's always the greatest. Very well done Piggy!
simple et classique, mais tellement bon ! ta photo est super belle :)
Those look very pretty and delicious!


Jules Someone said…
So glad you enjoyed these! I'm a sucker for apple desserts. Thanks for baking with me!
Snooky doodle said…
these really look delicious! I love apple turnovers
simple, but also beautiful and delicious! you can't beat that!
Engineer Baker said…
I'm with you - add apples, and I'm a happy girl! Your turnovers look so classy too! Just lovely.
MeetaK said…
funnily enough i was looking at this in dorie's book yesterday and thinking of making them. now i know i will. they look awesome!
TeaLady said…
Simple and delicious. They look very tasty.
Anonymous said…
YUM! They look great!
daphne said…
heheh.. I used to use left over puff pastry to do this. Yours are handmade- sooo much better!
Food For Tots said…
I luv pastries with apples too. Yours looks fantastic! Must try it out soon!
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