TWD: Nutty Chocolatey Swirly Sour Cream Bundt Cake

The recipe for TWD this week is chosen by Jennifer of Cooking For Comfort. The bundt cake is flavoured with orange zest and the "swirl" is made by sprinkling a generous amount of nuts, chocolate, cinnamon and sugar mixture into the batter. I made only 1/4 of the recipe and the two mini cakes in the picture were all that I've got. I wish that I had made a bigger portion though, as the cakes were so yummy that they were gone in a flash!

For recipe, head over to Jennifer's blog!


edith said…
G, you are tempting me to bake a batch soon. :)
Joy said…
Too cute! And beautiful photo!
Pamela said…
Those are the sweetest, cutest minis I've seen in quite a while!
WEhat an awesome combo! Yummy.


Gorgeous photo! Btw, do you use Lowel Ego lights?
Karen said…
mmm looks delicious!! :) If I made minis they would be gone in a flash as well.
Jennifer said…
Those minis are just precious!

Thank you for baking along with me!
daphne said…
hehe, u r good in just making a few! Less at home to tempt yourself LOL but these looks sooo pretty.. well done!
Jun said…
The photos are so mouth-watering!
dinewithleny said…
It looks too delicious. I'm tempted to make it this weekend for a friend's party.
Elin said…
Hi Piggy,

This is great and I being a chocolate lover will not want to miss this out :) I just bought Dorie Greenspan book last week and I am enjoying reading through all her recipes :) Love everyone of her recipes in there.

Did you buy her lastest book - Around My French Table . 300 recipes from Baking From My Home To Yours ? Does it means that her new book - 300 recipes are from her Baking From Home To Yours ? I would like to buy that book so just to make sure the recipes are not repeated :) Hope you can advise me on her new book. Thanks and here is me wishing yu
" Gong Xi Fa Cai " a blessed Rabbit Year :) More baking from you too !

oh wow - gorgeous picture and delicious-looking cakes.