Pan-fried Pork Slices with Cucumber

You must be wondering why I'm missing from the blogosphere again. Well, so much has happened last month and that includes an unexpected trip back to Singapore, went through the grief of losing my mother to cancer and then a few days after the funeral, I returned to Taipei and spent another week on house-moving. It was physically and mentally exhausting to say the least. Now that everything has settled down, I think it's time to get back on my feet and start blogging again.

Two months ago, I was given two cookbooks by my Japanese language teacher and when I went through the recipes, I chanced upon this extremely easy pan-fried pork slices with cucumber recipe. All you have to do is to prepare some shabu-shabu pork slices (i.e. rinse and pat dry), lightly seasoned with salt and set aside while you prepare the cucumbers. Cut the cucumbers into 5-cm sections, and follow by cutting each section vertically into halves. Make a cut again in the opposite direction and you will get 4 strips out of each 5-cm section. Wrap the pork slices around cucumber strips, heat up a wok with a tablespoon of oil, pan-fried the pork & cucumber strips until golden brown on each side, and then season with black pepper before dishing out the strips.

In my opinion, the recipe is definitely a no-brainer but it's so yummy that my pork-loving hubby gave it two thumps up!


Elin said…
Hi sorry to hear about the demise of your beloved mother. My deepest condolence to you and your family. Glad to have you back again with us :) Miss your cooking and I do love this dish from the way you described it, it just has to be good. Will try this simple and yet two thumbs up dish.

Take care and God bless,
Three-Cookies said…
Really sorry to hear of the passing away of your mother.

This cucumber and pork dish looks really unique
AhTee said…
Sorry to hear dat, piggy..
This dish is simple enough to prepare! Will try it out soon, I think the taste will be good too if dipping with thai chili sauce.
Michelle Chin said…
I'm sorry to hear that you have to go through so much! Man, all that stress! One can only imagine... I hope you have recuperated well!!

This dish sounds like the perfect bento filler btw!
daphne said…
Oh dear. I'm really sorry to hear about your mother. Indeed, cancer is a fierce battle. :(

This does sounds lovely- quick and easy!
Bits of Taste said…
This really looks good... lovely!
wacamama said…
hi Piggy, it's your Japanese conversation classmate, Vicky. Your blog is so well-done and the food looks so delicious! are you sure that a pro like you needs to go to any cooking class? By the way, the email address that you gave me got turned down, but anyway, I have found your blog and we can still chat and even in Japanese!
Stardust said…
Dear Piggy, sorry to hear about your mom. You've worked hard these weeks, don't strain yourself further. Thank you for sharing the recipe, you always bring delight to your fans. So keep cooking & sharing, you know your mom is proud of what a good cook you are.

Tender hugs..
Sorry to hear abt your dear mum. My condolences
Constance said…
Sorry to hear about your mother.

Miss reading your blog. This dish looks great. Will give it a try sometime.

Take care.
mycookinghut said…
This looks like a great idea!
oh piggy, i am so sorry to hear about your mum. i hope you are holding up well with all the turmoil.
stampedconcrete said…
looks so delicious .. i'll try it with bacon .. so yummy !!