TWD: Oasis Naan

I've been making my own bread regularly for the past few months but when the weather starts to get hotter, I choose the easy way out and buy from bakeries instead. I know that summer is the best time to make bread as it creates the right environment for the dough to rise, but it is also very hot and tiring to knead and shape the dough. However, when I found out that Oasis Naan is chosen for TWD, I know that it is a recipe that I shouldn't miss. Naan with curry is the kind of food that I eat often when I was in Singapore but I've never thought of making it myself. It is interesting to know that naan can be easily made at home and we can even add all sorts of spices to our liking. I made half a batch and I get 4 pieces of naan breads. In addition to the chopped scallions and cumin seeds that are called for in the recipe, I've also added some dried garlic on top of the naan.

If you want to give the recipe a try, head over to Maggie's and Phyl's blogs!


daphne said…
That looks and I believe will taste fantastic! I miss my naan bread.. this would have hit a spot.
Judy said…
Your naan looks beautiful.
Anonymous said…
beautiful picture!
Enchanted by your beautiful picture.
We loved this recipe soooo much!
Anonymous said…
your presentation is fantastic! :) I do lots of bread baking at night, its cooler and the last thing I do before bed and its just a nice way to wind down the night by myself. :) gread job!
Cher Rockwell said…
These look lovely.
I have to agree that summer can be a tough time to get into baking. 1) it's too hot to turn the oven on and 2) I'd rather be off enjoying the sun while its here :-)
Your naan is picture perfect! You take the most amazing photos. Love looking at your blog.