TWD: Finnish Pulla

As I haven't been making bread for quite some time, the bag of bread flour in my pantry is almost reaching its expiry date. So it is a good opportunity to use it up by making Finnish Pulla for TWD this week.

I made a full recipe but I have to make two braided loaves instead of a wreath (as suggested by the recipe) because it won't be able to fit into my oven. The bread tastes great though, it's soft, buttery and the cardamon definitely adds a unique flavour to the bread too!

If you want to give the recipe a try, head over to Erin's blog!


Looks lovely! Much simpler than braiding a wreath, and easier to store.
A splendid pulla!


Teresa said…
Pretty loaves!
smarkies said…
Such a cute loaf! It was a great tasting bread!
Very lovely job & beautiful photo! Happy Holidays!
Catherine said…
Nicely braided bread- thanks for sharing! Blessings and Merry Christmas.
SandraM said…
I like the loaf idea better than the wreath I think. Next time I will try that.
It was a good bread. Glad we got to make it.
Anonymous said…
Your pulla loaf looks great and festive! I would just like to note that in Finland we don't call Pulla "bread", it rather goes to the same sweet group with cakes, cookies, tarts and pies which you might have with coffee or tea. So it's not usually eaten with toppings, except sometimes with whipped cream and jam. Finns also use the pulla dough for making various other pastries like cinnamon rolls, berry tarts and vanilla butter buns.
Anonymous said…
Pulla is best on the same day it's baked, but don't worry,leftovers turn into great rusks by drying pulla sticks in the oven and then rolling them in a mixture of sugar and cinnamon.
gfcelebration said…
A great looking pulla.
Cathleen said…
Gorgeous loaf - love the photo! ~Happy Holidays!