It's been months since I last published a post in this blog, gasp! I guess I've mentioned this before but I'll say it again - writing has never been my forte. I often find myself staring in front of a blank page in Blogger, not knowing how to even start the first sentence! As a result, I've blogged less and less often and it finally came to a complete halt few months ago. This is sad as I've been trying to keep Piggy's Cooking Journal going since 2005.

I haven't stop cooking and baking though, and lately I've been posting my creations (cooking/crafts) in my Facebook instead. It is much easier to manage this way, with just a title and a picture, I do not have to worry that there is not enough words to fill up the whole page!

I do not know whether I will continue to update this blog, but if you are still interested to know what I've been up too, feel free to follow me on Instagram or Facebook!


daphne said…
I think you write simple and lovely posts. The best thing is that your photos and bakes are showcast rather than writing ;) Looking forward to your post always.
Anonymous said…
someone is commercially using your photos on their website http://allyummyrecipes.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/4c76d83a4b43c1ea6d363e1da39a596e.jpg

and trying to sell their blog for 15000.
Star said…
Your posts are really interesting. I'll be back to gaze admiringly when you're ready to do a new post! Thanks for all of these wonderful recipes you've been sharing.