Saturday Lunch With Friends

I invited two of my good friends, LG & WN and their hubbies over for lunch on Saturday. It's a good opportunity to try out a few new recipes.

I woke my "driver" up early in the morning, and he drove me to Tekka market. Even though it's a half hour drive from my place, but I like to go there simply because it has a great variety of fresh produce and to quote one hokkien saying, it's "pi" and "chi" (cheap and fresh) too.

I started preparing and cooking from 10am. The whole cooking process was longer than I expected, almost 4 hours, to be exact. We actually had a late lunch as I was still preparing the sauce for the ribs when my friends arrived, and my poor friends have to wait for me to take photos of the food before they can start eating...

Sweet and Sour Ribs
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Cabbage parcel (Fillings: prawns, water chestnut, asparagus, shitake mushroom)
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Fish Slices and Enoki Mushroom on Tofu
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Shreded Chicken and Capsicum in Spicy Bean Paste
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After lunch, I started to prepare brownies for dessert, while chit-chatting with my friends at the same time. Well, due to too much yakking and my lack of judgement, I've put in too much cocoa powder and the brownies turned out to be dry and hard. Fortunately we ate it with ice-cream, easier to swallow that way...


Cate said…
Everything looks delicious, especially those ribs!
twn said…
"Shreded Chicken and Capsicum in Spicy Bean Paste" is highly recommended ... tasted like food from a restaurant ... thanks Grace for the invitation! Never regretted make such a long trip from the Western End of the island to the Easten End. Keep up the GOOD FOOD!
Julia said…
They all look delicious, especially the pork ribs and capsicum dish. Lucky friends!
Jennifer said…
Yummy, yummy ribs. Can you express them my way?
Alice said…
I agree with everyone all looks so good. I think the cabbage parcels look especially good.
Lynette said…
how did u do ur cabbage parcel! i think it looks really great... Do u mind to reveal ur recipe?
Piggy said…
Hi all, Thanks for dropping by! :-)

Hi Lynette,

The cabbage parcel is pretty simple to make. Here goes...

1) Blanch the cabbage leafs in a pot of boiling water for 1-2 minutes. Set aside.
2) Dice prawns, water chestnut, asparagus and mushroom.
3) Stir-fry ingredients in pt.(2) with some oyster sauce and rice wine. Make sure that it is not completely cook.
4) Wrap the ingredients in individual cabbage leafs.
5) Steam the parcels for 3 minutes. Serve.

Do let me know if you have any questions! :-)

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