Cookies, anyone?

I bought a cookie book from Bras Basah Complex yesterday afternoon. It is a Chinese cookbook that is published in Taiwan. There are lots of nice photos with yummy-looking cookies in it and I just couldn't put it down! After spending the whole evening reading through the book, I knew that I just have to bake some cookies right away!

I decided to give myself a little challenge, by baking as many types of cookies as possible within one afternoon. I thought I can manage three at best, but I'd try to squeeze in some time for the forth cookies.

The amount of ingredients called for in each recipe is small. I reckoned each type of cookie can be fit in one baking tray. I was right, I didn't spend time baking the same type of cookies twice. Also, with careful planning, I managed to save some time by preparing the cookies in the right sequence. The whole cookies-baking frenzy ended in 5 hours time!

Scroll down to see how many types of cookies that I've baked! ;-)

1) Cookies with apple in caramel
Image hosted by

2) Coffee bars
Image hosted by

3) Cookies with almond flakes and raspberry jam
Image hosted by

4) Yam cookies
Image hosted by

By the way, I've changed the look of my blog! I wanted to move away from the typical (or boring?) look of Blogger template, but I'm completely clueless when it comes to web designing. So I seek help from my sister-in-law, J who then created this cool-looking header (Thanks, J!). As for the photos, they were taken with the kitchen utensils that I have at home together with some fresh flowers!


Nic said…
I love the header! I really should do one for my blog... I guess I'm better in the kitchen than I am at my computer.
The cookies all look great. Were the coffee bars a shortbread type of cookie?
boo_licious said…
Piggy, great header and I love the new look. How I wish, I had a tech savvy relative to make me one as I am hopeless at all this.

I love those chinese recipe bks and I always flick through them at the bookshop. Sadly I can't read Mandarin so I content myself with the pictures. The cookies look great. I bet you're now having a great time munching them for snacks.
dimsumdolly said…
nice new look and great pics!
Piggy said…
Hi Nic,

Glad that you like the new look!

The coffees bars were a cross between biscotti and shortbread. The texture was smoother than biscotti but it was harder than shortbread.

Hi Boo_licious,

Thanks for the compliment.

Some of the chinese cookbooks are great. Even though I can read chinese, but since taiwanese uses different terms for certain ingredients, sometimes I have problem understanding the recipe as well. :-P

Hi DSD, thanks! :-)
Julia said…
The yam cookies look scrumptious! And I like the shot of the cookies with jams. I could probably not be able to stop popping these buttons into my mouth.

Cool new header, Piggy! J did a great job designing it. :)
babe_kl said…
lovely header and the yam cookies looked like kueh bangkit
Joe said…
Are the coffee bars like biscotti? They look pretty cool!
Piggy said…
Hi Joe,

The coffee bars were as hard as biscotti but the texture was smoother.

Btw, thanks for dropping by! :-)
Anonymous said…
I lived in Taiwan for a while and became slightly addicted to those coffee bar type cookies! Are there black sesame seeds in them? I'd love to try making them...