My New Books!

Thursday is my work-from-home day, and as usual, I have a full day of teleconferences. I was in the middle of one of the boring calls when someone rang my doorbell. I tried not to miss the discussion and so I ran out of my room to open the door. I was thrilled to see a postman at my doorstep!

Well, let me explain why a postman could make me so happy. I ordered 5 books (1 cookbook, 1 book about life in cooking school, and 3 non food-related books) from a website in US way back in May. When I placed my order, I have to choose my preferred shipping speed. Being a cheapskate ( ;-) ), I opted for surface mail, since the delivery cost is much lower. This resulted in a long, long wait for the books. When I saw the postman, I knew that the books have finally arrived!

Now that I've received this batch of books, I have another long wait, because I've just placed an order for two more cookbooks... !


boo_licious said…
I love books esp cookbooks! Just went to the Times Warehouse Sale today and bought loads of cheap books.

If you like Julia Child, I just read that there is a book about Julia's life and this woman attempted all her recipes. Go to Amy's blog at for the info.
Anonymous said…
i would also recommend the following books:

1) Eating My Words by Mimi Sheraton

2)Toast by Nigel Slater

3)The Perfectionist: Life & Death in Haute Cuisine by Rudolph Chelminski
Piggy said…
Hi Boo_licious,

I love cookbooks too. I just came back from a bookstore and guess what? Another book will be added to my bookshelf! LOL


Thanks for the recommendation. Will definitely check them out!
Anonymous said…
Hi Piggy - I was thinking about getting Baking with Julia, do you recommend it? BTW, I love Toast too :)
Piggy said…
Hi Keiko,

I'd certainly recommend Baking with Julia. I've tried out one of the recipes and it turned out great. :-)
Anonymous said…
Hi Piggy,

I'm a former chef in the US and am loving your site. Thanks so much!
John W.
Vancouver, Washington, USA
Piggy said…
Hi John,

Thanks! :-)