SHF #12 - Cooking up Custard

I've missed the SHF #11 in August due to my trip to Hong Kong. Urgh! I've been waiting rather anxiously for the next SHF and it's finally here! The theme for SHF #12 is Custard, hosted by the lovely Elise.

Speaking of my Hong Kong trip, well, other than burning a big hole in my pocket by my seemingly endless eating and shopping, I've also spent quite some time in the book shops there. I was hoping to get some good quality cookbooks, on Cantonese or rather, any authentic Chinese cuisine, that I can't get hold of in Singapore. However, I stumbled upon a baking cookbook instead, by the Le Cordon Bleu in Japan.

One recipe that caught my eyes is Mille-Feuille, or Thousand Leaves in French. I remember seeing a beautiful matcha version by Keiko of Nordljus. So I decided to try my hand on this recipe as well! It was made by spreading custard with freshly-cut fruits between three sheets of puff pastry, with almond flakes at the side of the pastry and topped with a combination of cocoa powder and icing sugar coating.

All went well until I tried to cut it into slices. The flakes from the puff pastry created some brown spots on the custard and I couldn't get a good picture showing the cross-section of the pastry. It's yummy though... That's what matter most, isn't it? ;-)

Updated on 18 Sep: Here's a round-up of SHF by Elise!


ChubbyCat said…
Hiya Piggy,

Found you by way of CH. Your rendition of Mille-Feuille looks stunning! :) Bet it tasted great too.
boo_licious said…
Great mille feuille Piggy!
Nic said…
I can never cut these things quite right. I haven't had a millefeuille in some time - this one looks amazing!
Piggy said…
Hi Chubbycat,

Thanks for dropping by! :-)

Hi Boo_licious,

Thanks! Your pumpin and taro dessert looks great too!

Hi Nic,

Thanks for your kind words. :-)
Julia said…
It looks great, Piggy! I bet it tasted really scrummy too. :)
babe_kl said…
it looked so yummy, am sure it does tasted yummy too
Jasmin said…
It looks fabulous! Can imagine how it'd taste..
Hi Piggy

I want to put my hand into my monitor and grab that custard. It looks so lovely!