Ham, Capsicum and Tomato Quiche

I'm pretty tied up with my busy schedule recently. The course that I've just signed up started last weekend. On top of that, I have to go for driving lessons two times a week. That means... I don't have time to cook!

To prevent myself from suffering further from "cooking-deprivation symptom", I've decided to whip up something simple on Monday night, after I came back from work. It was a Ham, Capsicum and Tomato Quiche, adapted from a recipe found in Epicurious.

Why quiche, you may ask... Well, I have a pot-luck party to attend in two weeks time and I have two new quiche pans that have been sitting around in my kitchen for months. It's also a good practice for me since I've not bake quiche before. I might contribute a quiche to the party if it turns out well.

It was after 11pm when I took the quiche out from the oven. I immediately cut up a slice and took a few bites. It tasted ok, just that the crust was a bit thicker than it should be. I'm now thinking of which quiche recipe to use for the upcoming party!

I'm praying hard that I pass my driving test scheduled in end of September. I should have more free time to cook by then!


Anonymous said…
Hi piggy,

The quiche looks yummy and i bet it taste good too. Good luck to your coming driving test. I hope you will pass the test too so that you can cook more interesting dishes and share with us your experiences and beautiful pictures (and the food if possible). Add oil!!! - from LG
Nic said…
That quiche looks fantastic. I tend to just toss things in, not arrange them so beautifully.