Cameron Highlands Trip

I just came back from a wonderful two-day trip to Cameron Highlands with my friend, EL over the long weekend. It was both fun and educational... We've seen a lot and also ate so much until we almost collapsed!

Fresh produce at local market

I bought lots of fruits! (Pictures taken at the balcony of the hotel room)

L: 爱情果, R: Cherry tomatoes

Honey pear or Cameron apple

Strawberries from Cameron Highland

We took a day trip to visit a few vegetable farms and tea plantation

L: Cabbage farm, R: Tea plantation

L: Watercress valley, R: Strawberry farm

L: Strawberry farm, R: Capsicum trees

Flowers are blooming everywhere...

Food, food, glorious food!

We had chomped down lots of food over the course of two days, these are some of the pictures.

The corns in Cameron Highlands are very sweet and juicy. The steamed corn with butter taste fantastic.

These are deep fried sweet potato balls. It comes with a crispy crust and the chewy on the inside.

These are what the Penangites call "ban jian kueh", not sure how people from other states call it though. Basically, it's a kind of thin and crispy pancake, fold into half when serve, with canned corn, crushed peanuts and sugar combo in it.

We had lunch at an eatery near the hotel where we stayed.

Chicken cutlet with sambal sauce, interesting combination.

EL had Chicken Maryland, it was served with banana fritter.

Strawberry and honey pear juice

It's great to have such short break occanionally, just to be out of the country and see different things. Hmm... I wonder where should I go next?


Anonymous said…
great pictures!
boo_licious said…
Wow! The pixs are fantastic. It's been ages since I went up to Camerons - read that they have a new swanky resort up there now.
Babe_KL said…
wow what lovely pics you have!