Tuesday, 12 September 2006

No more writing!

After much deliberation, I've decided to turn this blog into photoblog. I guess my interest in cooking and photo-taking is far greater than writing. Sometimes, I do find writing up a post a pain, especially when I'm caught in a crazy work schedule lately.

I'll continue to cook, and post any food photos that I'm satisfied with, together with a short description of the food. If you like any of the recipe, feel free to email me!


Pastry with home-made red bean paste, photos taken with my new toy, Canon 350D. ;-)


Rene said...

Hi! Just stumbled into your blog and I love and all the photos here! Looks yummy!

I have been thinking of getting Canon 350D too! And do something about my photo taking skills. Ha.. How much did you get it for?

Trish said...


Just to let you know I've came across your blog recently and enjoyed readingg your posts.

Do continue to cook and take pictures, most importantly, post it too :)

Anonymous said...

COULD U PLS E-MAIL ME THE RECIPE, MY EMAIL IS angelbaby_cecilia23@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

Good blog!

Piggy said...

Hi Rene,

Thanks for your compliments! :-)

I got a 2nd hand 350D actually, it cost me $1k.

Hi Trish,

Thanks for dropping by! :-)

Hi Anon,

The pastry turned very dry on the second day. I still need to improve on the recipe. Will give you the recipe later, ok? :-)

Anonymous said...

i would like a copy of the recipe too..


Anonymous said...


Was looking for some red bean paste recipe and stumbled upon your blog. Loved it!!

Can you please send me the recipe please?