Apple Buns

I was in Taipei with my mum two weeks ago when I chanced upon apple buns in a bakery located in Mitsukoshi. It's made of sweet bread with chopped apple and custard as fillings. The soft bread and crunchy apple was so yummy that by the time I finished the bun, I was craving for a second serving. But unfortunately, we were far from the shopping mall by then and I didn't see such buns in other bakeries anymore.

After I came back from the trip, I couldn't get it out of my mind. So I decided to try to make my own apple buns by pulling out recipes of sweet bun, apple pie filling and custard from different cookbooks. After hours of kneading and sweating in the kitchen, I've got a batch of buns that only looked good in the picture, but taste wise, it still needs further improvement.

No recipe for now, I'll only post the recipe if I get a satisfactory result from further attempts.


Edith said…
these looks gorgeous and hopefully one day you will find THE recipe. Now you are tempting me to go Taipei. *wink*
Mcwhisky said…
Oh gawd. Looks real good. And it's very cute in that form of size. Wouldn't the apple slices turned brown? How do we avoid that situation? Thanks.
Anonymous said…
I've tried baking apple bun once. The filling is nice but tastes awful when is used as filling in the buns. Don't know why... hope u could post the recipe when u get a satisfactory result.
Have a nice day!
Unknown said…
Hi, I linked to your blog from flick. Nice collection you have here. And these apple buns are so adorable! =)
Piggy said…
Hi Edith & Jacelyn,

Thanks! :-)

Hi Whisky,

You can prevent the apple from browning by rubbing over the slices with a few drops of lemon juice.

Hi ES,

Thanks for dropping by! I hope I can get the right recipe too.. :-)
Anonymous said…
they look pretty! you always take beautiful food pictures.
Anonymous said…
your blog has too many popups