Stewed Soy Sauce Chicken in Rose Wine (玫瑰豉油卤鸡)

Braised soy sauce chicken is one of the dishes that I like to order when I'm eating out. But i also enjoy cooking it at home and share with my family.

The Chinese-style braised chicken is not difficult to prepare at home at all, but the Chinese spices used could be mind-boggling, especially for amateur cooks who are not familiar with Chinese ingredients.

In order to help those who want to try out the recipe, I've taken a picture of the necessary ingredients, with each item's corresponding name in English or Han Yu Pin Yin.

Stewed Soy Sauce Chicken in Rose Wine Recipe

1 medium size chicken
4 tbsp Chinese rose wine
1.5L water
1L light soy sauce

5 slices Gan Cao
1 slice dried tangerine peel
5 star anises
1/2 Luo Han Guo
1 Cao Guo
10 cloves
1 inch cinnamon stick
3 slices Dang Gui

200ml light soy sauce
200g rock sugar

1) Rinse the chicken, and blanch into boiling water. Remove, drain well
2) Cook seasoning in a pot until the sugar is completely dissolved or the soy sauce is slightly thick. Remove from heat.
3) To make stock, heat up the water and light soy sauce in a deep pot until boiling. Add in all the spices and let boil for a while. All in rose wine and cooked soy sauce-rock sugar mixture, boil for another 5 minutes.
4) Place the chicken into the stock. Covered and cooked in low heat for 10 minutes. Remove from heat, soak the chicken in the stock for further 20 minutes, or until the flavour has been absorbed and the chicken is cooked through.
5) Dish up and drain. Cut into pieces, serve.


Edith said…
Wow this is so cool. A picture speaks a thousand words. Thanks!
Anh said…
Piggy, you have such a lovely site! I am drooling over at all your creations now. :)
Piggy said…
Hi Edith,

you're welcome. :-)

Hi Anh,

Thanks for dropping by! Love the pics on your blog too!
Anonymous said…
wow, I love the ingredients picture. good for "bananas" (Chinese but can't read chinese)like me. Great photographs. Wanna exchange links ?

Btw, I peeped in your header pic (the far right photo) Is that a kenwood KM series mixer? If so, would u mind telling me how much u got it for ? (You can email me if your want swee(dot)san(at)gmail(dot)com

Anonymous said…
Hi Piggy, I love your photos but I find them abit too dark sometimes. I did some editing to this photo, hope you don't mind. Just want to ask your opinion if it looks better compared to your original? Maybe you'll find it weird that I'm doing this but I love photography alot and is always trying to improve photos, so at the same time it can work on my editing skills.

And if you like, you can also brighten your photos next time! Otherwise, it's fine you leave it as it is too.
Piggy said…
Hi Pelican_bay,

Thanks for your feedback. :-)
Anonymous said…

Great photos, nice writings. Congratulations!

Piggy said…

Thanks for dropping by and your kind words! :-)
Anonymous said…
Look so good...I can almost taste my share of the chicken drumstick...
Unknown said…
I've tried this recipes and my huband loved it. Piggy, there's a picture of Luo Han Guo but you don't use it in the recipe. Is it that you have forgotten to put the Luo Han Guo in the recipe? The first time I cooked, I put about 3 tablespoon of Luo Han Guo water in the chicken and it tasted great too. Please let me know because my husband asked me to cook this recipe again. Thanks alot
Piggy said…
Hi veronica,

I've made amendment to the recipe... must've been half-asleeped when I posted the recipe. Thanks for pointing this out. :-)
Anonymous said…
Hi Piggy.. I adore yr site~!! I would like to try this recipe .. and I got everything ready to go .. then realise .. err.. how much rock sugar to put ? ==" Would u mind posting that up?

Thank you ~!!

(so far i had tried 4 of your recipes .. love them ~!)
Piggy said…
Hi Anon,

Thanks for your support and glad that you like my recipes. :-)

I'm so blur... The recipe has been corrected. Happy cooking!
Anonymous said…
Hi Peggy, just stumbled onto your wonderful site looking for authentic soy sauce chicken recipes. I think I have found one! But I have two more questions. So, after you first blanch the chicken you just throw away this 'stock'? And, what brand of light soy sauce do you use (it's in the picture I guess). Also, you don't use dark soy sauce for this recipe?