Mushroom Rice (和风蘑菇拌饭)

Regular readers of my blog would know that I'm a sucker for cookbooks. But other than getting recipes from books, I learn and get inspiration from cooking programmes as well. My favourite thus far has to be 料理美食王, a programme from Taiwan that is currently showing at channel 49 of our local cable TV. There are a few regular guest cooks in the show but each episode only features two dishes from two of the guests. What I like about the show is that the host usually chit-chats with the guests during the process of cooking but the seemingly casual conversation is always filled with great cooking tips that are normally not found in cookbooks.

I've been following the programme for quite some time now and thus, I have collected quite a number of hand-written recipes which I try out from time to time. One of the dishes from the programme that I cook regularly is a Japanese-style (和风) mushroom rice (蘑菇拌饭), a one-dish meal that takes little time to prepare and yet it tastes so darn good.

Mushroom Rice Recipe (和风蘑菇拌饭)

Cooked rice for two
350g of assorted mushrooms (enoki, shittake, brown button mushrooms etc), diced
20g butter
1 tablespoons sugar
5 cloves garlic, diced
Coriander, chopped

5 tablespoons light soy sauce
5 tablespoons mirin
5 tablespoons Chinese rice wine
Salt & pepper, to taste

1) Heat up butter in a wok. Put in chopped garlic when the butter is half melted. Stir-fry the garlic until fragrant.
2) Add in assorted mushrooms and sugar, saute until the mushrooms are fully coated with butter. Add in seasonings, cook until the gravy has thickened.
3) Stir in chopped coriander, turn off heat. Add in cooked rice, stir until combined with mushrooms, serve.


Rasa Malaysia said…
Recently, I see a lot of 和风 recipes...hehe. While I like Japanese food, I think I will still miss our stinky pungent Malaysian food. LOL.
Anonymous said…
This seems to be very easy yet yummy and healthy. Thanks for sharing, will definitely give it a try!
ioyces said…
assorted mushrooms tick, butter tick, coriander tick, seasonings tick tick tick! Yay!! I have all the ingredients!!! Will try it for dinner on thursday!!! Thanks for sharing!!
Thistlemoon said…
What a beautiful photograph!
Welcome to The Foodie Blogroll!
Mike Czyzewski said…
Your photos are consistently excellent. What kind of set-up do you use? Natural light? A light-box? I'm trying to get better.

Piggy said…
Hi Bee,

Agree with you completely. I can't survive with Jap food everyday too... to bland for me, still prefer our kind of food. ;-)

Hi oppss,

yeah, this is a healthy dish. Try it! :-)

Hi ioyces,

Wow, your kitchen is so well stocked. heehee...

Hi Jenn,


Hi Mike,

Thanks for your compliment. I don't have a light box. I shoot my pics near the window where I can get ample natural light. Let me know if you have more qtns. :-)
Chibog in Chief said…
this mushroom rice looks absolutely delicious!! you are so talented all your photos are stunning!! im glad to discover your site :-) i'll definitely try this mushroom rice this weekend yummy
Anna said…
I love simple meals like this ^__^. Gorgeous pictures!
daphne said…
oh lovely!!! Thanks for this. Will definitely try this out! great meal idea!
Stardust said…
I agree with you Piggy, about Jap food. Sometimes, Jap food kills my apetite. I'll be anticipating your sharing on more Asian recipe!

Love your pictures. Rock on!
Anonymous said…
Hi Piggy!
Beautiful picture! *drools* u never fails to impressed!

Btw, i have picked u! Tagged you for meme! =)

vanessa marie said…
This looks like something I will really enjoy cooking and eating. Definitely bookmarking this so I can try it out. YUM!

ps- my first time at your blog. love it ... I'll be sure to check back :)
Anonymous said…
1st time here too....
Lovely blog!

I too love watching this prog but If I m not wrong, the ch. will cease come end of feb...*sob*

This recipe is also listed in my "To Try" list. And yours looks delish.
Piggy said…
Hi dhanggit,

Thanks for your kind words. :-) I'm also drooling over the food featured in your blog!

Hi Indigo,

I'm a lazy cook, so I love to prepare simple meals.. heehee..

Hi Daphane,

This dish is great when you don't feel like spending too much time cooking for a meal, try it!

Hi Stardust,

Thanks! I'm drooling over your tempura as well... ;-)

Hi Amanda,

Thanks for dropping by!

I'll get to the meme soon. :-)

Hi Vanessa,

Glad to have you here. Thanks! :-)

Hi Paw Paw,

OMG! the programme will end soon?! oh no.. there goes a great source of recipes.. sob!