Salmon with Noodle and Soy Ginger Sauce

My friend, KH came to my place today and I prepared a salmon dish for both of us. The sauce that goes with the salmon fillet is a tad sweet for my liking. If you're trying out the recipe, you might want to adjust the ratio of sugar to soy sauce in the soy ginger sauce.

Salmon with Noodle and Soy Ginger Sauce Recipe
(Adapted from Famous Cuisine magazine, issue no. 48)

1 piece salmon fillet with skin
2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
2 stalks bok choy (blanched)
100g noodles (blanched)

1/4 tsp salt
1 tsp lemon juice
1 tbsp Chinese rice wine
Black pepper, to taste

Soy Ginger Sauce:
100ml Chinese rice wine
100ml Kikkoman light soy sauce
100g sugar
30g fresh ginger (finely shredded)

1) Marinate the salmon fillet for 20 mins.
2) To make soy ginger sauce, cook sauce in a sauce pan. Once boiled, reduce to low heat and cook until the sauce is thickened.
3) Heat up olive oil in a skillet. Place the salmon fillet (skin side down) and cook at low heat until the skin is crispy. Remove from heat, place the salmon fillet on a plate, with bok choy and noodle. Pour in the soy ginger sauce. Serve.


Rasa Malaysia said…
Your salmon looks so fattylicious (肥美)...wah...I am sure this year will be a good year for you. :)
didally said…
The salmon looks yummy! I like my salmon skin crispy, haha..
-Berenice- said…
I love salmon and have been cooking so many salmon dishes of late! Will definitely try this recipe out one day! =)
Jacelyn said…

guess what? I have been looking for your blog. I chanced upon your link some time ago, and I've been wanting to try the cheddar cookies you made ages back. But i lost your link somehow and you happened to drop by my blog. lolx..

Anyway, you have a great array of dishes that I can't wait to try.
mmmm... are you going to invite me for makan session too? This looks absolutely tasty.
daphne said…
oh piggy-this look divine. I love the sound of soy ginger sauce with sweetness of salmon. Thumbs up!
Piggy said…
Hi Bee,

yeah, the salmon is 肥美 indeed. ;-) it's so huge that I couldn't even finish the noodle... LOL!

Hi Didally,

My favourite part from salmon fillet has to be the skin... and yes, crispy skin tastes the best. ;-)

Hi Berenice,

Thanks for dropping by. The dish is yummy indeed, try it out! :-)

Hi Jacelyn,

haha, didn't expect that you've been looking for my cheese crackers recipe. Btw, great blog you have there. :-)

Hi Edith,

yeah, we should have a makan session together. haha!

Hi Daphne,

Thanks.. heehee! I wanna try out your pork with assorted nuts recipe too. :-)