Simple Whole Wheat Bread

Regular readers of my blog would notice that there are hardly any posts on bread. My last entry was about 1 year ago, and that shows how "interested" I am in bread-making. I did not feel like trying out any bread recipes, due to the fact that previous attempts have not been very successful, and besides, to knead and perspire in the current super hot and humid weather is simply unthinkable.

But I changed my mind when I read about a certain bread recipe that is easy to prepare and yet it yields a satisfying result, and since then, I could not get the picture of that perfectly raised bread out of my head.

Yesterday, I was still thinking about the bread during Japanese lesson, and immediately after class, I went to buy a pack of whole wheat flour and gave the recipe a try at night.

I'm pleasantly surprised that I merely spent 3 hours (that includes baking time) and I could have a loaf of yummy bread for breakfast this morning. What I like about the recipe is that it does not require lengthy kneading process. In fact, all it needs is a few minutes of kneading by hand and it's ready for proofing!

By the way, the top of the bread is uneven because I forgot to shape it properly before the dough went for second proofing. I guess it does not matter at all, as the bread is still yummy nonetheless! :-)


Anonymous said…
Would you say that this is more of a dense, hearty bread or a soft sandwich bread? I have been looking for a wheat bread recipe for my husband.
didally said…
Very rustic looking bread. I only deal with the dough once. Making bread is quite time consuming due to the proofing of the dough. But it's worth the time once in a while.
paw paw said…
I am lazy ... I make use of the breadmaker instead.
With yr review, I am gonna give this recipe a try... :P
oui, looks good leh. Is it fluffy and soft coz it definitely looks like it.
Piggy said…
Hi Chelley,

This is more of a soft bread.

Hi Eugenia,

Yeah, baking bread can be very time consuming. :-)

Hi Paw paw,

Wow, how I wish I can have a breadmaker! Envy, envy!

Hi Edith,

Yeah, it's a good recipe indeed. Try it out! ;-)
Tim said…
Good Job! :)
BumbleVee said…
I, too, was afraid to try bread until recently ..and seeing some guy give it a try. He was my inspiration..
I use my mixer to mix the dough... my recipe only takes 3 hours from beginning to end as well. At first I only used white flour..but now use a multi grain for over half of the flour ... it it wonderful bread... yum!