Stir-fried Pickled Radish with Pork

Since I left SA two weeks ago, I've been eating pork almost everyday. ;-) Actually I'm not a pork person and I used to think that I could survive without pork in my diet. Well, obviously I was wrong! Anyway, I'm going to satisfy my craving for the time being, so stay tuned for more pork dishes!

Stir-fried Pickled Radish with Pork Recipe

3 tablespoons chopped pickled radish 菜脯
150g lean pork
50g dried shrimps
3 chillies
5-6 strips long beans
1 tablespoons chopped garlic

1/2 tablespoon oyster sauce
1 teaspoon light soy sauce
1/2 teaspoon sugar
Salt and pepper, to taste

1) Rinse and soak pickled radish in a bowl of water for about 10 minutes. Drain well and set aside.
2) Dice pork, dried shrimps, chillies and long beans into small cubes, set aside.
3) Heat up oil in a wok. Saute garlic and pickled radish until fragrant.
4) Add dried shrimps and pork, saute until the pork is half cooked.
5) Add long beans, chillies and seasoning. Saute over high heat until cooked. Dish up and serve.


lucysmom said…
What kind of chillies did you use? What cut of pork did you use?
twinkle thinker said…
Hi this looks delicious! Can I know where to get those pickled radish? Thanks!
Anonymous said…
I have cooked something like this before. This is a very appetizing and savoury dish especially with porridge.
Stardust said…
Muahahaha... that's predictable. ;P
Elin said…
I have not eaten this for quite a while, thanks for bringing it back haha my grandma cooks this well. I mizz her cooking! Thanks for sharing :)
edith said…
I love this dish! Thanks for bringing back fond memories of my mom's cooking.
Bits of Taste said…
Hi, I would like to tell you that you have got "Award".
Come and claim it !
chicchicbaby said…
We cook this dish at home too, except that we don't add pork, just long beans, tau kwa, chai por, dried shrimps, lap cheong, roasted peanuts and chilli.
This looks delicious. I couldn't imagine a year in SA without pork. Looking forward to more dishes. Glad you arrived safely back at home.
babe_kl said…
over here our version do not have pork but dried shrimp, peanuts, long beans, tau kwa and chai por :p
mycookinghut said…
Looks good!!! I love this kind of simple food!
diva said…
this looks nice..must be so good with a bowl of steaming rice! :) x
daphne said…
awesome! somehow I can see this with a hot bowl of rice porridge!
Piggy said…
lucysmom - I used pork belly, but trimmed off the fats. This is the kind of chilli that I used.

twinkle thinker - Thanks for dropping by! If you are located in Malaysia or Singapore, you can get pickled radish from wet market.

Anonymous - This dish is appetising indeed! yum!

Stardust - heehee! I'm gonna eat nothing but pork these few months!

Elin - I'm sure your grandma's version would be very tasty!

Edith - Glad that the dish brings back sweet memory for u. :-)

Bits of Taste - Thanks so much for the award! :-)

chicchicbaby & Babe_KL - My mom cooks the same version as what you've mentioned too. But I just need to have pork this period of time, so I make it a porky dish. haha!

Leemei - Yes, I love simple dish too!

Diva & Daphane - I had this dish with porridge in the afternoon and then served it with rice at night! ;-)
Food For Tots said…
This dish looks and sounds so homely to me. My mom used to cook it. I haven't tried pickled radish for a long time. Quite scared to buy China products now.