TWD: Brioche Plum Tart

As I'll be leaving SA this week, I prepared 3 of the recipes chosen for TWD this month in advance and one of them was brioche plum tart, which is a recipe picked by Denise of Chez Us.

I used a 9-inch fluted pan for the tart. And instead of jam, I spread a layer of osmanthus syrup on the brioche dough. To finish it off, I arranged slices of red and yellow plums on the dough and then sprinkled some chopped pistachio on it.

The sides of the tart were overly browned, and so I have to shave off the slightly burnt edges with a sharp knife. The tart was really yummy, I like the bready base and the floral aroma from the osmanthus syrup went very well with the plums.

Head over to Denise's blog if you want to give the recipe a try!


vibi said…

Osmanthus? ...hum... interesting. Gotta look it up and try it.
That's such a beautiful tart! Well done!


Clivia said…
Awesome. Well done! I think everyone's burned a little bit, but the flavour was still good.
Nichi said…
Geez that is just beautiful.
squawmama said…
What a beautiful Tart... It looks so good I would love it...

Y said…
That tart looks absolutely perfect. Love your idea of the osmanthus syrup too!
Helene said…
Simply beautiful. You did such a great job.
Stardust said…
Great! The tart is on time for some good celebration! Have a safe trip and for the move, 頑張ってね!

メールの返事はいいから、まず引越しに集中してね。Darn. Too much Jap and no English lately. =(
Elin said…
Hi Piggy,

Wonderful Brioche Plum Tart...I did something like this but I used mango :)

I have passed the Kreativ Blogger Award to you :)

gosh, that made a stunning tart! all the best for your move (hope you used up most of the pantry items!)
TeaLady said…
OSMANTHUS!!! How decadent sounding is that!!

Your tart is beautiful
Amazing!!! This is stunning!
Rachel said…
Gorgeous! good luck with your move!
Griottes said…
What a fabulous photography and recipe. Thank you for your creativity !
Teanna said…
Outstanding photo! Are you leaving for good or just taking a vacation?
Food For Tots said…
I use osmanthus for tea or special drink but not tart. What a lovely and delicious looking tart! Have a safe journey!

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