TWD: Cran-Apple Crisps

The TWDers who are taking part in TWD for the month of November are allowed to post our entries in the sequence we prefer. This is a relief for me, otherwise, just like the cherry-fudge brownie torte chosen for last week, I may have to skip TWD again because the recipe selected for the first week of November is another chocolate cake and if you're a regular reader of my blog, you'll know how I feel about chocolatey desserts. ;-)

Looking at the remaining three recipes, cran-apple crisps seems to be the easiest one of all, and so I decided to bake this today. I tweaked the recipe slightly by adding some almond flakes in the topping and used only dried cranberry and apples in the filling. My photo does not do justice to the cran-apple crisps at all because it's really delicious!

If you want to give the recipe a try, head over to The Repressed Pastry Chef, but please note that Em may not post the recipe until next week.


squawmama said…
Good Morning... This looks so YUMMO!!! Thanks for the picture and info... Have a GREAT day!

chocolatechic said…

I'll be making these next week.

This week I made the cookies.
it looks lovely with the flaked almonds. just made this recipe today, so i can't wait to try!
Jessica said…
oooh I wonder how delicious the cran-apple crisps are cuz your photo makes them look deliciouss!
Susan said…
I love the addition of almonds. I am planning on making this for dessert Thanksgiving. I made the chestnut cake and it was delicious.
Charli said…
This one looks amazing! And fyi the molasses cookies were incredibly easy also--maybe even easier since there is no chopping involved!
TeaLady said…
It looks delicious. I have to make this next week. And may follow your lead and add almonds.
daphne said…
Love the addition of flaked almonds-and the sound of apples with cranberries is just heavenly!
Piggy said…
Donna - yes, this dish is yummy indeed!

Chocolatechic - Can't wait to see how your cran-apple crisps turn out! :-)

Steph - You've made some perfect looking molasses spice cookies and I'm sure that your version of cran-apple crisps would taste great!

Jessica - Thanks! :-)

Susan - I'm thinking of skipping the chestnut cake but since you mentioned that it's delicious, I might give it a try.

Charli - Really! I will try out the molasses cookies soon!

Tealady - I love having almonds in the topping as it gives extra flavor and texture!

Daphne - yes, the cranberry/apple combo is heavenly indeed!
Elin said…
Ohh..this is great! I love apples and cranberry...haha now waiting for The Repressed Pastry Chef to put up the recipe....meanwhile doing the guess work LOL!
Pamela said…
Wow...your crisp looks delightfully good! So pretty.
Kayte said…
I have made this many times now as the guys just loved it. So easy and so delicious. Yours looks wonderful.