Mua Chee

Watching cooking shows is my new hobby in Taiwan. Such programs are usually aired in the afternoon as their targeted audiences are housewives like me. So far I've noted down quite a numbers of recipes and I'm going to try them out one by one!

Mua chee is one of the recipes that I learnt from cooking show and it's also my favourite childhood snack. Growing up in Penang, Malaysia, we used to have mobile hawkers going around our neighbourhood with their pushcarts in the afternoon. The mua chee seller only came on Sunday and I remember that my brother and I used to sit at our front porch, waited for him to pass by and we would buy two packs of mua chee from him without fail. Since I chanced upon this mua chee recipe on TV 2 weeks ago, I've tried it out a few times and it always gives satisfying results. This recipe is definitely a keeper!

Mua Chee Recipe

1.5 cups glutinous rice flour
2 tablespoons cornstarch
1 teaspoon oil
1 cup water

Peanuts mixture:
80g peanuts, toasted and pounded
3 tablespoons white sesame, toasted
4-5 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons fried shallots

1) Mix glutinous rice flour, cornstarch, oil and water in a microwave proof bowl. Cover the bowl and heat in microwave oven on medium high for 4 minutes.
2) Grease the inside of a plastic bag with 1 teaspoon of oil. When the mua chee is removed from the microwave oven, let it cool for a while. Then place it inside the plastic bag and knead a few times. Leave the mua chee to cool completely. (**Wear oven mitt when kneading the hot mua chee)
3) Using a pair of oiled scissors, cut mua chee into small pieces and coat them generously with peanut mixture. Serve.


grub said…
just wondering how many watts your microwave is because the power can affect the cooking time of the mua chee. and when it comes out, what does it look like? glossy and whitish?
That dish looks so good! A wonderful combination of ingredients, tastes and textures!


Jade said…
that reminds me home :( I've tried making mua chee using the microwave before but it it's time to try again
TeaLady said…
these look like a great snack.
Anonymous said…
Hi Piggy,
Like to eat mua chee since young, but if i don't hv a microwave so got other way to do tis?? Hope you can help.. Thanks in advance!!!

Best Rgds
Stardust said…
TW has mua chee?!?! Mua Chee is my favourite 'pasar malam' goodie! I wouldn't share a bit with anyone! =P I like those really tender and stretchyones, hard to come by these days.

Oh, so Msia have them with shallot?
mycookinghut said…
Love mua chee!! Looks good ;)
Piggy said…
Grub - I have a 800W microwave oven. The mua chee is white, soft and sticky when it's out of the microwave oven. So kneading will help to make it smooth and glossy.

Rosa - You're right. The combination of texture makes it really yummy!

Jade - Oh no! It must be disastrous! :-)

Tealady - This is great snack indeed!

Pinky - Instead of using a microwave oven, you can steam the mua chee too. It's cooked when it turns white in colour.

Stardust - yup, in TW it's call "hakkka mua chee". The ones that I had in Penang comes with fried shallots, and it goes very well with mua chee. You can give this recipe a try, it's soft and stretchy. ;-)

Leemei - Thanks! I love mua chee too!
Jencrafted said…
This reminds me of Penang Gurney Drive! I miss it so much. Have never made mua chee but your recipe looks straightforward. They certainly look delightful. Thanks for sharing.
Elin said…
Hi Piggy...glad that you are enjoying all the cook show from Taiwan TV's and thanks for sahring this mua chee Piggies love mua chee and I would love to try this out :)
Thanks...and looking forward to your sharing from Taiwan :)
Tebonin said…
Love asian food. This seems a lit bit too hard for me but i wanna try it in this weekend.
hungryjess said…
This is AWESOME!

Thanks =) I'm going to make them for mother's day!
Valen said…
This is different! Since I have all the ingredients I should try it!
Anonymous said…
Hi Piggy,
Thanks for your reply!! Thank you...

Best Rgds
Y said…
Oh wow, I'd totally forgotten about this. It's been so many years since I've tried it! Luckily I have all the ingredients at hand, as I'd love to make it again and see if I still like eating it :) Thanks for the recipe!
daphne said…
I have no idea that this can be made in our home kitchen! So going to give this a go!!! thanks for sharing =)
Marie said…
Oh wow! I didn't know you grew up in Penang! I always thought you were from Singapore for some reason.

Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. I love Mua Chee and I can't really get it from where I live. You can buy the Japanese Mochi but we both know that it isn't the same. Anyhoo, thanks so much and keep on cooking!
mua chee is my fave too! I have to try this...