TWD: Devilish Shortcakes

Tania of Love Big, Bake Often has chosen devilish shortcakes for TWD this week. The dough is quick and easy to put together but it is way too sticky to handle. My hands were covered with the gooey, brown dough as I tried to shape the dough into mounds. It's so sticky that I had weird flashbacks of the movie Swamp Thing, which scared the hell out of me when I was a kid. :-P

Anyway, the shortcake is bland on its own, but it tastes great with fruits and whipped cream. I had the first two pieces with chopped strawberry and cream, and the next day, I gobbled up the last piece with a dollop of strawberry jam.

If you want to give the recipe a try, hop over to Tania's blog!


Clivia said…
Strawberry jam - yum! Sounds like we could get away with offering these for breakfast. Lovely!
Judith said…
lovely sweet!!!
Elin said…
I would love to have this for my breakfast :)
What a great idea! Sinful, indeed!


wow--you managed to make these look much prettier than i did. so fresh with the bright strawberries!
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So pretty! Glad you enjoyed this one so much! :)
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Stardust said…
I feel like gobbling up one moisty right now, must be delightful! So cute on your scary flashback, HAHA!
TeaLady said…
Chocolate with strawberries. YUM!!! The sweetness of the fillings more than made up for the not sweet shortcake.
retro sweets said…
What's great about this recipe is you can be as creative as you possibly can. I would even try it as an ice cream sandwich. Haha. But would def love it with fruit jams, peaches especially. :))
ginny said…
wow, this looks great - you can't beat shortbread and cream, but i have never tried chocolate shortbread. Perhaps it would be good with a brandy cream!
Oh my! This treat sure is delightful. Chocolate shortbread with cream and strawberries. How nice!
MrsLavendula said…
those look devilishly good!
Karen said…
Yikes! Swamp thing sounds scary! These look perfect! :)