Thursday, 9 August 2012

TWD: Berries and Nectarine Galette

I'm 2 days late with this TWD post as I thought that the due date is next Tuesday. I was debating with myself whether to give it a miss but I decided to go ahead and make the galette anyway because I just couldn't resist any recipes that involve tart and fruits. I used blueberries, strawberries and chopped nectarine for my galette and it turned out beautifully! It's so delicious that I will definitely make it again!

If you want to give the recipe a try, head over to Lisa's and Andrea's blog!


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...




Cher Rockwell said...

Absolutely beautiful. This one was worth taking a chance on!

daphne said...

gorgeous!! I love how you managed to reduce to portion and still get it out so perfectly.

Allison Thinklovesleepdine said...

It does look beautiful. I wish the posting was always every other week so I could keep track.