TWD: Popovers

The weather is scorching hot recently. I can't leave home without looking like a grandma - shielding myself from the blazing sun with a UV protection umbrella in one hand, and in my other hand, dabbing the sweat off from my face with a handkerchief. As if that is not bad enough, a typhoon is heading towards Taiwan very soon and it makes the weather even hotter these two days. The heat is really unbearable and I actually thought of skipping TWD this week as I do not feel like cooking/baking at all. But after reading through the recipe and realised how easy it is to make popovers, I decided to go ahead and make them! The batter preparation is so easy that it took less than 15 minutes. I just mixed all the ingredients with a blender and poured into the greased muffin pans. Then put the pans in the oven for slightly over 45 minutes, I got a batch of airy and crispy popovers! Some of my popovers are out of shape but I don't really care. They are absolutely delicious!

If you want to give the recipe a try, hop over to Paula's and Amy's blogs!


and I thought it was hot here - compared to what you are going through, I'm in a "freezer".
I am so pleased that you made them, they were surprisingly delicious.
Out of shape? Is there a typical popover shape? From what I've seen so far, they do decide how they want to turn out, there's nothing we can do (apart from letting that oven door closed!) :-)
Gorgeous popovers! It is quite hot here too, but surely nothing comparable to the heat in Taiwan...


Love your photo, Piggy! Beautiful job. :)
Cindy said…
Sorry for the nasty hot weather. These were worth turning on the oven I think. We loved them. Stay cool.
smarkies said…
Mine were also all randomly shaped - nothing uniform at all!
I had a thunderstorm where I was - and the electricity was even cut for 3 minutes - luckily the popovers did not suffer too much. :)
Love your photo!
Teresa said…
I think one of the pleasures of popovers is seeing all the shapes they form. Ours were weirdly uniform, instead.
Edith said…
Can we eat this on its own? Coz AFC always show it pair off with something.
Cher Rockwell said…
I hope you are finding your cool place :-)
Your popovers look perfect.
Cathleen said…
Your popovers look lovely ~ glad you decided to make them! Hope you get some relief from the heat soon!
Marilyn said…
You are a dedicated TWD'er to bake in the heat especially when it's humid. Your popovers didn't suffer from it though,