TWD: Croissants

There is certainly no lack of lengthy and complicated recipes to tackle in Baking with Julia, and croissant is one of them. I admit that I was intimidated by the length of the recipe and I had to read and re-read a few times to fully understand the recipe. The long recipe and the even longer preparation process (2 days!) resulted in a batch of buttery and flaky croissants. Even though my croissants are badly-shaped, but I'm extremely pleased with myself for completing one of the milestones of my baking journey!

If you want to give the recipe a try, hop over to Amanda's blog!


Those croissants are perfect! Great job.


Amanda said…
They look great!
smarkies said…
We did get through one milestone of the baking journey. Well done on the croissants!
Your croissants look great! The flaky layers really show.
Cher Rockwell said…
You absolutley did conquer a milestone and should be proud of your very lovely croissants!
Anonymous said…
Such a beautiful photo, very professional! Your croissants look tender and flaky. I also felt like I had conquered a baking milestone.
Cathleen said…
They look lovely - wonderful job. My dough ended up in the garbage!
pia said…
Thank you for superb ingredient. Freezing lasted therefore attained fabulous: -)
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Shape doesn't change the taste one bit and yours look great! Blessings, Catherine
they aren't badly shaped-- they have character! and they look perfect inside.
They look good to me! Good job on a tough recipe!