Orange Sweet Potato Baked Chips with Thyme

With the recent food scare in Taiwan, I started to review the food I'm having regularly. Apart from cooking at home more often rather than eating out, I've also decided to stay away from store bought junk food. However, I still crave for chips and candies from time to time and having alternatives like fruits or dried nuts just won't satisfy my cravings at all!

So imagine my excitement when I saw a recipe of sweet potato chips online! I knew that I have to give it a try and I immediately went to the market and got a few yellow and purple sweet potatoes. The chips taste great and I'm sure that it is healthier than store bought chips too! I won't post the recipe here as I followed the recipe to a "T". If you want to give the recipe a try, go over to Yelena's blog!


Those look delicious and ever so beautiful!


daphne said…
Good share! I'm a fan of sweet potato chips. Heading there to have a look now.
Samantha said…
Thanks for recommending this recipe! It looks wonderful & has an interesting flavour combination~ can't wait to try it out on my family!
Unknown said…
Your chips looks wonderful, thank you for using my recipe. I am so glad you like it!
Star said…
Those look great. I've tried Pret A Manger's version, Sainsbury's version, Tyrell's veg chips - but never thought of making them myself! So thanks for the inspiration.