TWD: Savarin

The month-long hiatus was totally unplanned for. The series of unfortunate events started with my laptop breaking down and when I finally got it back from the repair shop, my camera died. After I got my camera repaired, I thought I should be spared from any misfortune for the time being but unfortunately, I almost chopped off my finger when I was preparing dinner two days ago and I had to be rushed to the emergency room, duh...! With my finger still in pain, I wanted to give TWD a miss this week but the savarin recipe looks so interesting that I just had to give it a try!

I made a simplified version of savarin. Using a mini bundt pan, I made half a batch of the dough and I got four tiny savarins. The cakes were then brushed with syrup, decorated with whipped cream and raspberries. The savarin is not very sweet, just the way I like it and it tastes really good with cream and berries too!


Divine! That is one of my favorite desserts.


Anonymous said…
They are too cute! We also liked this one, I used a rosewater syrup instead.
Your savarin looks wonderful. What a crazy month for you. Hope your finger is feeling better!
They look perfect - very pretty!
Cher Rockwell said…
Fingers injuries are a real pain - I hope you are recovering well.

Your mini cakes are perfectly sweet.
Rumbling Tummy said…
Oh gee, please do take care. Rest well.
Your mini bundts are adorable! I hope your finger heals quickly for you. They say things happen in threes - so you should be good for the rest of the year at least!
Calamities aside, your savarin are just darling!
Sophie Wu said…
Dear classmate,
The sweet cake look so delicious.
Just visit your blog.

I will keep painting the skirt that u choose.
see u wednesday.

How about your finger now?
Be careful.

Oh no, I hope you and your finger are ok now.
Wow, what a beautiful picutre! I love the different colors of the savarin: it looks like suntanned :-)
Star said…
Wooow. They look absolutely gorgeous and delicious. Your photography is so great! I find my mouth watering at food I don't even like! XD Keep up the blog. It's a pleasure to read.