Hay Hay, It's Donna Day!

Barbara from Winosandfoodie has came up with a great idea of having a Donna Hay Day on 19 Nov. All we have to do is to bake our own version of Donna Hay's Self-frosting Cupcake and post it on our blog. Being a huge fan of this cook and food stylist from Australia, this is an event that I'm not going to miss!

Self-frosting cupcake is a recipe from Donna Hay's Modern Classics 2. It's actually cupcakes swirled with peanut butter. You can get the original recipe from here. Baking the cakes was a breeze, it only took me 30 minutes to prepare the batter and another 20 minutes or so to bake it.

To get two types of cupcakes, the batter was divided into two batches. The first batch was swirled with Nutella, which was an idea from Nic of Baking Sheet, who started this self-frosting cupcake craze. [Picture at top left]

The second batch of batter was mixed with a few tablespoons of Bailey's Irish Cream and swirled with cream cheese, a weird combination, I know, it's my pathetic attempt at being creative... ;-) However, the cream cheese is not really visible in the picture. [Picture at bottom left]

Thanks you Barbara for hosting this event, I can't wait for the round-up!


Nic said…
Adding Bailey's sounds like a nice touch to these. And your swirls are just gorgeous!
rokh said…
with cream cheese too. not visible by look but should be good by taste! did you melt the cheese first?
Piggy said…
Hi Nic,

Thanks! Your Peanut Butter and Nutella Swirled Scones looks great too!

Hi Rokh,

No, I didn't melt the cheese. It was actually hard to swirl. ;-)
boo_licious said…
piggy - you probably need to beat the cream cheese a bit and dribble baileys on it. Whatever it is, that version sounds so decadently yummy! I love your swirls for the first one.
glutton rabbit said…
Oinkies! Love your chocolate swirls and sense of photography! They're really great! As for the cream cheese ones, I bet it was yummy. I can see a bit of cheese on the surface. Yummies!
Piggy said…
Hi Boo,

That's a good idea too, will try it next time.

Hi Glutton Rabbit,

Thanks for dropping by my blog!
Barbara said…
Hi Piggy - Cream cheese and Baileys - great combo. Look out for the round up this weekend.