Nasi Kunyit and Chicken Curry

In Penang where I grew up, it's a norm to receive a food package from baby's 1st month celebration that is usually consist of nasi kunyit (turmeric rice), chicken curry, ang ku kueh, and two hard-boiled eggs dyed in red color. The items from the package that I enjoyed the most was nasi kunyit with chicken curry, I find the combination of the fragrant rice with curry is so irresistible that it was the first item that I usually "attacked" from the food package.

After staying in Singapore for many years and nobody here give such a food package, I've completely forgotten about it, until I saw Boo's
post, in November last year. I've been thinking about cooking my own nasi kunyit ever since.

Last Saturday, I've finally tried out a recipe from Cecilia Tan's Penang Nyonya Cooking, which is similar to the one found in
Kuali. Unfortunately, this is my first time cooking with glutinous rice and even though I've tried to follow as closely to the recipe as possible, the rice still turned out to be too soggy. I guess it was due to too much coconut milk. If I tell my mom about this, she'd surely laugh her head off, that her silly daughter had to cook rice by referring to recipe and still couldn't get it right!

Ms Cecilia Tan mentioned at the last part of the recipe that the nasi kunyit is to be served with "Gulai Nasi Kunyit" (Curry for Turmeric Rice). I find it very interesting, as I do not remember that the chicken curry that came with nasi kunyit was in any way different from other versions. So I compare the ingredients of this particular recipe with another chicken curry recipe found in the same book. The only difference I can spot is that star anise, cloves and cinnamon sticks are missing from the ingredients for chicken curry, and the curry for turmeric rice recipe does not call for potatoes. Wanting to find out more, I've done some searching in several websites, see this, this, this and a few more recipes from this. Actually, after browsing through all of the recipes... I'm getting confused. Haha!

Anyway, I LOVE this version of chicken curry. It's so full of flavor, I guess it's because of the spices like coriander seed, star anise, clove and cinnamon sticks. I'm so satisfied with the result that I'm going to cook it again this weekend!

As usual, drop me a mail if you're interested in having the recipe.


Anonymous said…
Your curry looks so tempting! Yes can I have the recipe pls ?
Anonymous said…
Hi Piggy!

I love the way your chicken looks, please put up the recipe you use. My mom is Malay, from Johore, and I just love malay food, especially the Nonya cooking style!

Do check out my blog and link me. I'm adding you as a link!
shaz said…
hi piggy. Nice blog. Im a fellow singaporean foodie blogger ( or some people call flogger) I added a link to your blog on mine. I hope you dun mind. Cheers!
boo_licious said…
ooo! Everything looks so yummy. I was at the full moon shop last week and smelt their fantastic curry - how I wish my brother had done the traditional M'sian way rather than the Spore modern way as I love the nasi kunyit and chicken curry combo.
Piggy said…
Hi Chih,

Thanks! can I have your email address pls? I'll send the recipe to you by mail.

Hi Meena,

Thanks for the link! Nice blog you have there. :-)

Hi Shaz,

Thanks for dropping by!

Hi Boo,

Thanks. Couldn't agree with you more... nothing beats nasi kunyit with chicken curry!
sHar0n said…
Your nasi kunyit and curry chicken looked so appetising! Since I'm away from Penang, I really miss out on eating this. Could you please share the recipe?
Anonymous said…
Wow......your chicken curry looks so yummy....Hm.....I feel like so hungry now. Could you please share the recipe plz........
Anonymous said…
Hi Piggy,

Great pictures. Making me hungry.
I was born and raised in Penang, yes I'm from a nyonya family. I now live in Florida, USA.
Thanks for sharing info on nasi kunyit :)
Anonymous said…
Hi Piggy,

Im piggi too, well my name is michael..yes love the look of your wong keong kai sent me the recipe...mikoloh@

Unknown said…
hi piggy, was browsing the internet to find recipes of nasi kunyit and red eggs when i chanced upon your's amazing!
do you think you could send me the recipe for the curry? sorry that i'm asking almost a year after your post, hopefully you'll be able to read this request...
Unknown said…
oops I'm an email address is
Anonymous said…
Just read your post and am interested
in the recipe for the chicken curry and rice mentioned. Am much obliged.
Thank you. My email address is

Anonymous said…
hi piggy.

i am from the nyonya family too, my kids and i are love to eat the nasi kunyit. but now we are staying in qatar..

can you post me the recipe?

my email add is
Shermaine said…
Hi Piggy, The combination of chicken and rice look really good. may I have the recipe please?
Piggy said…
Hi Shermaine,

Pls provide your email address and I'll send the recipe to you right away!
Anonymous said…
Hi I am a "lazy cook", basically one who prefers to use ready made curry paste. I agree with all the other comments -ie, your curry looks very tempting indeed. Which brand of commercial curry paste would be the closest to your recipe? (Well, I did admit I am a lazy cook..)
Anonymous said…


Thanks !
Anonymous said…
Your curry looks so tempting! Yes can I have the recipe pls ?

My email