A Simple Lunch and A Meme

I made a simple roast pork sandwich today, recipe taken from Nigel Slater's The Kitchen Diaries. I love simple meals like this, especially when I have a TV programme to watch, rushing for an appointment or in this case, catching up with the assignments that are due soon.

Before I start on my assignments, I have to blog about the 'My Five Food Challenges for 2006' meme that is long overdue. Thanks for tagging me, Mumu!

Well, here's my answers to the meme...

1) Coincidentally, my first food challenge for the year is the same as Mumu, that is, to conquer the world of dim sum making! During my last trip to Penang, I bought quite a number of dim sum cookbooks from the local book stores and I'm determined to try out most (at least half) of the recipes by year-end.

2) I've been baking cake quite often, but they were mostly pound cakes or coffee cakes, the "creamless" type. I'm quite interested in cake decorating and hopefully I can find time to attend some classes this year.

3) My last few attempts at bread making failed terribly and I've been avoiding it ever since. But the thought of having home-made bread is still very tempting to me, so let's see, I might try to make bread again this year.

4) I've mentioned in some of my old posts that my mom is a great cook. I always want to learn her cooking skill, but, er... she's terrible in teaching. I tried to ask for some cooking tips before but it always ended in frustration. The cooking steps are either not in sequence or the amount of ingredients that she gave are really hard to understand. I guess I have to be more patient if I want to learn cooking from her.

5) I'm a Hainanese but I do not know any hainanese cooking [head bow in shame]. My grandma is the only person in my family who knew Hainanese cooking but she has already passed away and so far, I've not seen any Hananese cookbook. I've been asking around in my circle of friends, looking for anyone that knows Hainanese cooking but to date, there is none. Oh well, I'm still searching, hopefully I can find a Hainanese that is willing to impart his/ her cooking skill to me...


mumu said…
looks like we have rather similar culinary interests :-)
flower said…
Hainanese chicken rice. That is my favourite.
I hope you find a Hainanese cookbook, and then share some of the recipes with us!!! Hugs from Panama :)