A Couple of Mini Cakes

The last time I saw my friend, LG's baby boy was in the hospital, when he's born 3.5 months ago. So last Saturday, I thought it's a good idea to visit the little one and to catch up with LG, since hubby was away from Singapore again, and I've got nothing better to do except watching DVD!

I'm the kind of person that will never (ever!) visit a friend empty-handed, a habit that has been instilled by my mom since young, so I've decided to bring along some homemade cakes for LG. I baked half portion of Donna Hay's peanut butter cupcake recipe, that's equivalent to 6 cupcakes. But instead of using peanut butter, I've replaced it with Nutella and sliced plum. I've written a post about this cupcake before, if you're keen to try it out, see
here for recipe.


Anonymous said…
hi piggy,
thanks for the mini cakes! We love it so much that we finished all six the following morning!! It was a great idea to replace the peanut butter with Nutella as we both love chocolate. I will definitely get the recipe from you one day - when Matt is bigger and we can try baking together :)
Babe_KL said…
happy new year piggy... thanks for the idea of placing plums in this recipe. it's so versatile!
Edith said…
Such sweet thoughts. Happy New Year!
Piggy said…
Hi LG, it's my pleasure.. :-)

Hi Babe & Precious Moments, happy new year to you too!