Roast Chicken Burger

I eat alone at home very often, since hubby is out of town most of the time. I was too lazy to cook for one person, and so I used to have a "10-minute meal", that is, 3 minutes of cooking instant noodle and 7 minutes of eating it! It's convenient, fast and filling... but perhaps I had too much of it and now, the smell of the noodle + MSG really turns me off.

Then, there was a period of time that I used to walk to a coffee shop nearby to "ta-pao" (take-away) the economical rice, but I've since grew tired of the same dishes that they serve.

Recently, I've decided to treat myself better by having my own home cooked meal, see
this, this and this. If I stay at home the whole day, I'd normally prepare a caserole dish that is enough for two meals. On those days that I only have one meal at home, I'd see what I have in the fridge and come up with something fun and yummy!

I had the idea of this Roast Chicken Burger when I was driving home from class today. I knew that I have some leftover thyme, potatoes and onions at home, and since I wasn't keen on having rice tonight, I wanted to make either sandwich or burger. I dropped by the grocery store nearby to grab the rest of the ingredients that I need and also some fruits.

As soon as I reach home, I started to prepare my dinner by deboning the chicken thigh first. Then the chicken was marinated with sea salt, black pepper, fresh thyme and I thought it would be fun to add some orange zest and juice from the pile of fruits that I've just bought. The chicken was marintated for 30 minutes and it was placed in a baking tray, together with the chopped potatoes, and then it was drizzled with some olive oil. The chicken + potato were left in the oven (200 deg C) for 15 minutes. When it was done, place the roast chicken thigh, onion and tomato between two pieces of buns, and served with lettuce, potatoes and a dollop of Japanese mayonaise.

P/S It was not too long ago that I thought I've run out of ideas of what to
write for my blog. But now, seems like not only my inspiration is back, but my post is also getting longer and longer... hmm... Now I know why my hubby always complains that I change my mind too often... ;-)


haha.... women always changes their mind. what is new? Anyway, your burger definitely looks tempting.
tigerfish said…
Hmmm....this will be the first and next burger recipe I can try.