Fish Head Curry

This is going to be a short post, as this blogger is currently busy watching a 40-episode HK drama serial on DVD. During a crazy 15-hour DVD-watching marathon last Saturday, she managed to survive with this fish head curry dish...


tigerfish said…
What long episode HK drama are you hooked on? I get stuck on my sofa too,watching TVB serials and sometimes I even miss the cooking time!!

Fish head curry looks good ? Cook or bought? :)
Piggy said…
I'm currently watching Triumph in the Skies on DVD... prefer to watch the cantonese version, even though the mandarin version is shown on TV right now.. :-)

Thanks for the compliments. I cooked the fish head curry myself. :-)
evan said…
ahhh triumph in the skies, i know. the one starring francis ng & flora chan rite, abt pilots? its showing on channel U now. pity im not so much of a HK drama fan but rather, a crazy korean drama fan :p however one thing i can relate to is - dvd marathon!!! totally familiar with that haha.

hv fun and merry xmas!
Anonymous said…
Triumph what?
Francis who & flora who?
Being cocoon in Melbourne for so long have lost touch with who and what in HK serials..

Anyway, I was checking your blog EVERYDAY and was very glad there's a new posting today! The dish looks DE_LI_CIOUS!!!
Piggy said…
Hi Evan,

Wow, both of us like the same "exercise".... DVD marathon!! :-D

Hi Anon,

If you're into HK drama... you must check out this show. It's very addictive! ;-)

Anyway, thanks for your compliments!
bunnywunny said…
Your pictures look so professional, considering they're of home-cooked food whipped up in the comfort of your kitchen right? You're guilty of making me slobber all over my keyboard!

*pants and waits eagerly for more gastronomical porn from Piggy*
Piggy said…
Hi Bunnywunny,

Thanks for dropping by and your kind words... :-)