Getting in Touch with the World..

I did not realise how much my life is so dependent on internet until recently, when I had to live without modem (thus, no internet) for past two weeks.

Previously, I had the connection and modem as part of the work-from-home package from the company that I had worked for and when I left, I have to return the modem to the service provider and re-subscribe to a new internet line. Thanks to the "efficiency" of the service provider, it took them TWO full weeks to get me re-connected to the internet.

The period when I could not connect to the world was unbearable and I felt that my daily routine has come to a halt. I was not able to chat with my friends on MSN, check out new posts in food blogs or newly uploaded photos in
Flickr, and the worst is, I have to use the map instead of logging on to Streetdirectory to check out driving route! Well, this also explains why I have not been updating my blog for so long. :-)

Other than the woes on internet connection, I've been a lazy bum lately. I have not been spending much time on cooking, which is a shame as I'm supposed to have lots of time on hand since I'm currently not working. I guess I've been watching too much drama on DVDs... urgh! I have to stop this bad habit soon!

I do not have any interesting recipes to share for now, just some pictures of the dishes that I've cooked by myself or with my family from May to July. Enjoy!


when the internet line got disconnected, it is so true that we become so helpless and like a part of us has "gone out of routine". Glad to see you how and able to drool over your dishes and bakes.
Rasa Malaysia said…
Everything look great and delicious, and the tofu box is soooo creative I will have to steal your idea and so something similar soon. The balitongs are calling my name...I miss them. LOL.

Do cook more and share your pictures and're a wonderful home cook. :)
Sue Sue said…
Your shredded turnips and carrot looks so fine. What u use to shred ah?
^cherie said…
Oh my... looks really gd!

And the photos are all soooooooooooooooo gorgeous!!
Piggy said…
Hi Edith, Bee & Cherie,

Thanks for your kind words. :-)

Hi Sue,

I used a mandoline to shred the turnip. It is much simpler than slicing it by hand. :-)

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