After Meal Cookies

My hubby has a habit of nibbling on a few pieces of snacks right after a meal, no matter how full he is. But he only goes for cookies and nothing else. I tried to offer fruits to him a few times before, and he always declined with a lame excuse that he was full. Strangely enough, whenever I stock up cookies at home, be it home-baked ones or simply some plain Hup Seng brand soda crackers, his tummy would automatically make room for such crispy treats.

This is something that I can never understand about him, and since there will always be a thing or two that ones do not understand about their other half (like how he can never understand why I need so many pairs of shoes!), I have since given up on harping on this issue but simply satisfy his cravings by baking more cookies for him.

I've been baking a few types of cookies lately, but I am showing only three here. Not that the other cookies were not good, but the photos fall into the "cannot-make-it" category. You see, not only I have bad hair days like the others, but I also have "bad photos days"... LOL!


Janhagels is type of Dutch cookies that can be found in Carole Walter's Great Cookies. The thin slices of cookies were crunchy due to the almond flakes and a slight hint of almond and cinnamon further enhanced the flavour of the cookies.

Pistachio-Orange Cookies

This is another recipe that I've adapted from Great Cookies. The lime called for in the recipe was replaced with orange. I've mistakenly mixed the batter slightly longer than I should, and as a result, the batter was too sticky to be shaped into a log by hand. I've improvised by dropping small balls of dough on baking tray and then sprinkled with pistachios on it.

Cheese Crackers Recipe

The first time I baked these cheese crackers, I was pleasantly surprised at how strong the aroma was as compared to the other cookies that I've baked before. I'm not exaggerating, but I believe my neighbours from the opposite block can smell it! After the first attempt, I couldn't get enough of it and so I've baked it a few more times. This is rather unusual, as I hardly repeat what I've cooked before. As mentioned in earlier posts, I have lots of cookbooks, that means I have tonnes of recipes to try out and thus, I would repeat a recipe only if it is extremely good. So you can imagine how much I love these cookies... and now I'm sharing this great recipe with all of you.

70g unsalted butter
1 egg yolk
120g self-raising flour, sifted
60g Parmesan cheese
1 egg, for brushing
30g Parmesan cheese, for garnishing
some coriander leaves, for garnishing

1) Mix the butter in a mixer until smooth and creamy.
2) Add in the cheese, and mix the batter with a wooden spoon.
3) Mix in egg yolk.
4) Add in the flour and mix just until the last bit of flour disappear into the batter. Take note, do not over-mix.
5) Place the batter in between two sheets of cling wrap or a plastic bag, flatten the dough with rolling pin. Refrigerate for 15 minutes.
6) Remove dough from the fridge, flatten the dough further to 3mm thickness. Refrigerate for another 15 minutes.
7) In the mean time, pre-heat the oven to 180 deg C.
8) Remove the dough from the fridge again, spread the egg evenly over the dough. Cut the dough into 2cm X 2cm squares.
8) Spread the Parmesan cheese over the dough, cover the surface with cling wrap or plastic bag, lightly press the dough with rolling pin, so that the cheese can stick on to the dough.
9) Brush the surface of the slices lightly with egg, garnish with a piece of coriander leaf.
10) Bake for 10-15 minutes, or until it turns golden brown. Cool the cookies on a rack, serve.


M. said…
Lovely pictures and thanks for sharing those cookie recipes. The cheese crackers will be next on my to-try list.
ioyces said…
hi Piggy!! Your husband is one lucky man!!! :D
The cheese crackers look and sound fantastic!!! (like you, i also rarely cook the same thing twice...!! So i understand what you mean!!)
Will bake them at the earliest opportunity!! Thanks for sharing the recipe!!
Rasa Malaysia said…
Talking about cookies, Piggy, do you have the recipe for corn flakes cookies, or any butter cookies that we get for Chinese New Year with a tiny little bit of cherry on top? OMG, I miss those sooooo much but the "western" cookie recipes just don't cut it, you know what I mean? Man, I am in desperate search for those cookie recipes. Let me know. :)
Ning's Mummy said…
beautiful cookies!

I wanna try the cheese crackers too.

Thanks for sharing the recipe.
Anonymous said…
Wa.. u r so sweeeeeeett!!! Tis is wat i call Give 'n' Take. :)

Dun gimme e recipe la.. Bake again n let me try! Whahah...
Piggy said…
Hi Mia, ioyces & Ning's Mummy,

Thanks. :-)

Do try it out and let me know the results!

Hi Bee Yinn,

My mom used to sell cornflakes cookies during CNY when we were in Penang. :-) I've asked for the recipe but my mom need to look for it (she has not baked those for ages!). I'll email the recipe to you as soon as she finds it.

Dear R,

Heehee... I'll squeeze in some time to bake it for you before I leave SG, ok? ;-)
daphne said…
I made those little crackers last weekend! They turned out fantastic. In fact, my dear sick bf finished it within 2 days. Quite an achievement for a person with a lack of appetite. Definitely a keeper. This cracker has such a strong cheese taste-definitely appeal to cheese fans like us.

will post the photos on my blog in the next few weeks. thanks for sharing again!
ioyces said…
hi Piggy!! i've made the cheese crackers!!! YUMMY!! yours look more attractive though...i think i grated the parmesan too finely!!!
Piggy said…
Hi Daphane & Ioyces,

yay! welcome to the cheese crackers club! It's yummy, isn't it? :-)
Aimei said…
I love cheese! Gonna try the cheese crackers!

By the way, your profile introduction is so cute :)