A Visit to Agropoli, Italy

I just came back from a 1-week trip to Italy. The whole week was jam-packed with activities with the first two days being spent in Agropoli, a quaint little town along the coastline where my SIL's hubby grew up. Hubby and I were there to attend their wedding and and it was great fun to experience a wedding done the Italian way. After that the four of us travelled to Venice, Florence and Rome. It was a tad rush and we did not get to see much of Rome, but that didn't matter at all. Hubby and I love Italy so much that we are already making plans of going again next year.

I'm going to end the post here because I'm really tired and feel a bit unwell after spending one full day of unpacking my stuffs that were delivered by the shipping company this morning. In the mean time, please enjoy these pictures that were taken in the beautiful Agropoli.


Erin said…
It looks you had a fun trip! I think Italy is such a beautiful country and I can't wait to go there someday (hopefully soon!). I really want to try the food- the food you have in this post looks amazing!
Rasa said…
I love Italy and I am so jealous, I guess now you can get away to Europe easily to get away from the heat. Hmmm, maybe I should move to the ME to work. ;)
Mevrouw Cupcake said…
Fabulous pictures!!! It looks like you had one heck of a vacation!
I love Italy. A romantic place and I love their history, culture as well as food.

Love all your pictures, so well captured.

So another honeymoon for you soon?

Take care, don't be hercules and unpack all in a day.
Food For Tots said…
Hi, just to tell you that you have such a great blog and I am giving you this "Brillante Weblog Premio 2008" award.

Check it out: http://food-4tots.blogspot.com/2008/09/brillante-weblog-premio-2008.html
R said…
I've seen it in facebook n I juz gotta see it again here! *envy envy*!!!
Stardust said…
Absolutely beautiful pictures!! I've never been to Agropoli before so thanks for sharing the picts! =D Miss Italy too and would like to visit again. =) Glad that you enjoyed the trip, please get well soon!
Gorgeous pics & places! Love your cooking & your wonderful photographs too!
daphne said…
gorgeous photos! what a treat! It would be lovely to visit Italy one day. =)
Piggy said…
Hi Erin,

Yes, Italy is beautiful, and the food is really good!

Hi Bee,

Actually Italy is quite hot now. I tried very hard to stay away from the sun when I'm in Saudi, but didn't expect to turn into a block of charcoal after spending only a week in Italy. haha!

Hi Mevrouw Cupcake,

Thanks. It was a great trip and I miss the food!

Hi Edith,

Thanks for your compliments.

I've burst my holidays budget and no more holidays until next year. :-P

Hi food for tots,

Thanks for the award, appreciate it! :-)

Hi Ms bunny,

Heehee... :-P

Hi Stardust,

Agropoli is really nice, not so crowded like other big cities of Italy. I'm feeling ok now, after having 9-hr of sleep for the past few days!

Hi Bits of life,

Thanks for dropping by!

Hi Daphne,

Thanks. Maybe you can go to Italy for your honeymoon? ;-)
Amanda said…
What stunning photos. I am so jealous!
formeandforyou said…
really nice foto.