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Hello, welcome to Piggy’s Cooking Journal!

My name is Grace but I prefer to call myself Piggy in this blog. Why Piggy? Well, first of all, my surname is Choo and it has the same pronunciation (with different meaning though) as ‘pig’ in Mandarin. I also like to collect figurines and souvenirs of pig. So hence the name Piggy!

This blog was started in 2005, exactly one year after I got married and move into a new house (and a new kitchen!) with my hubby. I’ve been baking since I was a teenager but cooking was something new to me then. So I tried my hand at cooking and at the same time, documenting what I’ve done in this blog.

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that my biggest passion is eating. I love any food in general and more importantly, I live to eat. My mother is a great cook and I’m lucky to grow up with her yummy home cooked food. I’m also extremely glad to have a mother-in-law who can cook very well too.

Because of my hubby’s job assignment, we left Singapore and stayed in Saudi Arabia from July 2008 to July 2009. He's then being posted to Taiwan and we are now staying in Taipei with our little doggy. Other than cooking, I also like sewing, crocheting, web surfing and of course, photography.

Most of the recipes in this blog are adapted from cookbooks. If you want to give any recipe a try, all you need to do is to click on “Recipes” tab near the header.

Feel free to comment or drop me an email anytime! I can be contacted at grace_choo03@hotmail.com.


nopham said…
Your baking is excellent, your photography is superb!
Stardust said…
Hey Gorgeous, superb photography indeed! =D
jan said…
hello grace,
it's nice to put a face to your name finally! I've been very impressed with your photography and culinary skills since i started visiting your blog 3 years ago.
Always a pleasure to read and very inspiring to my own cooking endeavours! Keep going!! :)
Piggy said…
Hi Jan,

Thanks for your compliments and support!
madhu said…
Hi Grace,

Bumped into your flickr page and enjoyed your photostream. I am so with you each time you mention that you don't like too sickly sweet cakes! I find the English cake recipes are ok with the sugar content but the American cakes contain way too much sugar. I find that too much sugar drowns the delicate flavour of cakes. I will most definitely bookmark your page and keep in touch. :-)
MyLastBite said…
I LOVE your photos! Found you through TasteSpotting today. If you're on Twitter, please let me know so I can "add" you! Cheers.

Tram said…
Hi Piggy,
I'm Tram, from Viet Nam (just one-hour flight from Singapore), I found your blog when surfing internet (looking for a recipe of filling cream for sandwich cookies) and very glad that we have same hobbies : cooking & photography. This is my blog : http://my.opera.com/huynhdeky/blog, it's mainly for my children and written in Vietnamese but I also share the photos of food here (however, I think your photos are much better !).
I'm trying to make filling cream similar to commercial cookies, i.e, less fresh looking but can keep longer time and doesn't moist the cookies. Do you have any idea ?
Piggy said…
Tram - Thanks for dropping by! Glad that you enjoy my blog. I hardly make cookies with filling, but if I manage to find such recipe, I'll let you know. :-)
Tram said…
Tks for your reply, I'll visit your blog more often. Happy Chinese New Year !
I Love Cooking said…
Hi Grace,
I love your blog, your recipes look so yummy and your pictures are amazing...I love them! Can I ask you a few tips for shooting better pictures?

Thank you very much, I will keep visiting you :)

Cornelius said…
hi piggy, i'm a piggy too! i like your blog :)
Jenné said…
Hi Piggy,

Your blog is so beautiful and inspiring! I'll certainly keep following :)
Happy New Year!
Anonymous said…
Hello! Just discovered your blog and am enjoying recipes, chat, and photos. Question : How do you watermark you photos? Yours is the nicest watermark i've seen. Thanks and Happy New Year!
Piggy said…
Jenné - Happy new year to you too! :-)

Anonymous @ 31/12/10 - Thanks for dropping by! I use "text" function in Photoshop to watermark all my pictures, glad that you like it. :-)
Anonymous said…
Thank you so much for the watermarking tip (i have & use Photoshop) as well as great recipes! -k.
Nice photos. Must try the Miracle kangen water for cooking. Special invitation only. Shd be available in Taiwan also.
Ayeesha said…
Hi there, your website is great and your pictures are beautiful! Tomato and plum granita! how amazing.
I've tried making one with rose syrup before for sweetness and a lovely aroma. It was yummy!

Keep blogging please!