Laksa from ready-to-cook pack


I just love those folks at Prima Food. They have an ingenious way of selling local delicacies in the ready-to-cook form, e.g. laksa, meesiam, hainanese chicken rice, rendang etc. It's really convenient for those who are busy/ lazy to cook from scratch.

I bought the pack of laksa premix from supermarket and in the pack, there are Coconut Milk powder, Laksa Paste, Sambal Chili and Dried Laksa Leaves.

All I had to do was to prepare fresh ingredients like vermicelli, beansprout, fried bean curd, chicken meat and prawn. First, I cooked beehoon, beansprout, chicken (shreded) and prawn and set aside in a bowl. Poured in the coconut milk powder and laksa paste in a pot of boiling water and let simmer for a few minutes, then stirred in the fried bean curd. The final step was to pour laksa gravy into the bowl, and served with sambal chili and laksa leaves. Yummy!

Just in case you're wondering why there's mushroom in my bowl of laksa... err... well, it's leftover from previous day's cooking...