Cookies from a Sunday afternoon - Part I

Malted oats and raisins biscuit

I spent the whole Sunday afternoon baking 2 sets of cookies, both were the result of my first attempt.

Sidetrack a bit, I have to publish the pictures of these cookies separately. I'm new to this Blogger thingy, still trying to figure out how to attach a few pictures in one posting. I can't use the "help" link in Blogger, reason is, my PC is recently "infected" by a virus, whenever I click on any link in the webpage, a new window appears and it's never the website that I want to go to... sigh!

Anyway, back to my cookies! The picture above is malted oats and raisin biscuits. It's a recipe by Donna Hay, an Australian food writer. It has a hint of malt flavour, and it's chewy because of rolled oats and raisins. However, it's too sweet for me, I'll definitely cut down the amount of sugar in my next attempt. Hubby loves it though!

Check out my second set of cookies in the next posting!


Anonymous said…
Love the oatmeal & raisin cookie...too sweet for the usual glutton...but perhaps just the right stuff for the sick who needs a concentrated dose of flavour? How about a little more raisins? :)
twn said…
May i suggest a hint of cinnamon to the cookies? I will spice up the taste...