Cookies from a Sunday afternoon - Part II

Peanut cookies

I have these two cookbooks by Donna Hay, Modern Classics Book 1 & 2. It's a gift from hubby's aunt in Australia. I have lots of cookbooks but Donna Hay's books are my favourite. The steps are easy to follow and there are beautiful pictures for all recipes. For an amateur cook like me, it's good to know if it's a successful attempt by the look of the dish... even though the taste may be far from it!

However, my short cooking experience tells me that not all recipes from cookbook are foolproof! That goes for this peanut cookies! According to the recipe (from Donna Hay's Modern Classic Book 2), mix the raw peanuts with the batter. However, the peanuts still taste a bit raw after the cookies is fully baked.

Hmmm... Lesson for the day: I should toast the peanuts for a few minutes before mixing it into the batter.