A Couple of Sandwich Recipes

As I have to dine alone these few months before leaving Singapore to join my hubby who is currently in the Middle East, cooking and eating can be quite a chore sometimes. I usually have simple noodle soup or when I'm too lazy to even go near the stove, I'd have bread spread with butter/ jam instead... ;-)

However, I do have a problem with such meals though (other than the fact that it's not exactly healthy to live only on bread), that is, how to have food that do not require complicated or lengthy cooking process and at the same time, it is interesting enough to keep my blog going?

Well, I'm glad that I found a sandwich-making book during the recent book fair at Suntec City. It features some awesome recipes contributed by a few popular caf├ęs in Japan and I feel hungry just by looking at the pictures of sandwiches. I love the book so much that after the first attempt, I tried out another 2 recipes, all within the span of less a week.

If you like sandwiches as well, try out the recipes below!

(The bread was toasted with cheddar and parmesan cheese)

BLT Sandwich Recipe

4 slices of bread
6 strips of bacon
1 tomato, sliced
1/4 cucumber, slice thinly

1) Spread parmesan or cheddar cheese flakes on bread. Grill in oven (about 180 deg C) until the cheese melt.
2) Fry the bacon until crisp.
3) To assemble the sandwich, place a slice of bread with the side with cheese facing down, layer with lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber slices, bacon and finally some mayonnaise. Cover the layers with another slice of bread.
4) Slice off the sides of the bread. Serve.


Stir-fried Salted Pork Sandwich Recipe

50g pork
4 slices of bread
1/2 carrot, cut into small cubes
3 french beans, chopped
3 shitake mushrooms, chopped
1 tomato, sliced
Pepper, to taste

1) Marinate the pork with sea salt overnight.
2) Rinse off the salt, cut the pork into small cubes.
3) Heat up a tablespoon of oil in a frying pan, sautee the mushroom, follow by the pork. When the pork is almost cooked, add in french beans and carrot. Add some pepper and sautee until cooked. (Note: do not add salt when frying, because the pork is salty enough) Set aside.
4) To assemble the sandwich, wrap two slices of bread with paper (I used baking paper). Insert some lettuce between the bread, follow by tomato slices. Then add in the pork mixture. Serve.


Rasa Malaysia said…
I have a very typical Chinese mouth and palate, I refuse to eat any sandwiches and avoid them at all costs. LOL.

I generally do not like savory bread...sweet yes! :P
Rasa Malaysia said…
Wow, you are moving to the middle east? Dubai? Then don't eat sandwiches, have your dose of all foods you can't find in ME...and stock up all your spices and curry pastes, and BKT, and belacan, and you know the list. ;)
Gracio said…
Hi Piggy! I have been reading this wonderful, yummy blog of yours! I'm currently living in Dubai. Do let me know if you need any help (if u're moving over to Dubai), will be glad to assist you!! :)
Piggy said…
Hi Bee,

Hee... I prefer savory bread than the sweet types though... :-)

I'll be moving to Saudi, not Dubai. I was told that there are some stores selling Chinese cooking ingredients but I'd definitely stock up before I go.. Just in case I can't get it there.

Hi Grace Y. (My name is Grace too :-D),

Hey, thanks! I'll be moving to Saudi instead of Dubai. But I'll follow my hubby to Dubai once a month for his business review, so hopefully we can meet up one day. :-)
Wow Grace, my hubby will be travelling to that part of the earth this year. Do let me know if you needed any thing when you are there. There is a community of Singaporean gathered there too. In the meantime, have fun with sandwiches. I love those cheese sandwich you made, going to try that for my kids.
daphne said…
wow.. that's a big move!! =) must be exciting!!!! U hv to update about it soon!

and those sandwiches look amazing! brings my simple tuna sandwich to shame! Will try out some ideas sooN! thanks for sharing!
didally said…
Yummy looking blts! I like the idea of salted pork in my sandwich. =D

From your flickr photos, I see that you have a hamster and rabbits. I am a proud owner of 3 syrians. =D
Mandy said…
I love your BLT sandwich. Looks so delicious. oh, before you go, eat as many local food as possible to prevent home-sickness! I miss the local food after coming to US, and can't wait for CNY to come so that I can pig out on hawker fares. :p
David Hall said…
You make the best sandwiches! Always loved BLT, a classic.

Piggy said…
Hi Edith,

Thanks for the offer! You're so sweet... :-)

Hi Daphane,

Yup, that's a big move indeed... and to a place that is hot and full of sand... haha!

Hi Didally,

Thanks for dropping by! You have an interesting blog as well, love it!

Yes, I have two rabbits and two hamsters actually. Hee.. you have syrians too? I love syrians, they're soooooo cute!!!!

Hi Mandy,

Haha, everyone I know has been telling me that I should eat as much local food as I can before I go. Some of my friends even said that I should stop eating chicken or fish and only go for pork, since I won't be able to get it in Saudi... ;-)

Hi David,

Thanks! :-)
Jacelyn said…
Hi Grace,

these sandwiches look really yummy. Love looking through your blog entries. =)